Slurpee Day 2020 is Cancelled? Check Full Reports & News

Slurpee Day 2020: What sad news for all the Slurpee fans out there, July 11, every summer is celebrated as Slurpee day. But this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this day has been canceled. Which means no more free Slurpees. The convenience retailer has celebrated July 11 every summer since 2002 as 7-Eleven Day, with free Slurpees for all the customers who visit the stores. But this is such a piece of sad news, and there is no one blame other than the pandemic this year. The offer stands for everyone who enters the shop and goes on from Morning 11 am to the evening at 7 pm.

Slurpee Day 2020

If you’ll are confused about what a Slurpee is, don’t worry, we have all the information you need. A Slurpee is an icy, sugar-soaked brain freezer served in a cup and is loved by customers on a full scale. It has been served since the 1960’s, and its craze is still very much alive, and this day is celebrated in its honor. It is available in flavors like Coke, cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, and you can even get the weirdest of combinations together in a Slurpee. Some of them are also neon in color and can give your tongue the same color as well.  The teens made this super-viral and are the reason was so many people are a fan of it even today.
So to serve these Slurpees in a crisp and freezing manner, the Slurpee machines are equipped with a compact refrigeration system that combines syrup, carbon dioxide, and water under pressure in a freezing chamber, and they’re served at a crisp 28 degrees says the 7-Eleven director of proprietary beverages Jacob Barnes.

Slurpee Day 2020 is Cancelled?

Although Slurpee day might have been canceled, there is a piece of good news for all the users who might have already received a free coupon code in their mails. Yes! You heard it right. All 33 million members of the 7Rewards loyalty app have received a coupon code in their accounts. This news just made the day of so many people that right after the pandemic situation is a little settled, they can still enjoy a free Slurpee. What else can the lovers dream of more than this?
7-Eleven also said in a news release that, The coupon is redeemable through July, “this can allow customers to treat themselves with their convenience, which also helps us practice social distancing in stores.” This news is an excellent initiative taken up by 7Eleven, which lets people enjoy the day as well without risking anyone’s health and also by following the rules set up by the government.
However, everyone today is hoping that the pandemic situation gets solved soon to go out and enjoy their favorite Slurpee again. But until this settles, stay indoors and stay safe!

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