Soldier Field Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Soldier Field Parking Guide - Tips, Maps, and Deals

In this Soldier Field parking guide, we have provided all official and unofficial parking options, parking costs, tailgating rules, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Soldier Field Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Soldier Field Parking

Soldier Field is a multi-purpose stadium located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

It is home to the Chicago Bears and the country’s oldest NFL stadium. With a capacity of 61,500, the stadium is a significant downtown attraction that is visited by millions of Bears fans, concertgoers, and usual tourists throughout the year. The Arena is located in the Museum Campus, which features popular Chicago attractions like the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and the Lakefront Pavilion, increasing the demand for parking spaces in the region.

Finding a parking space for your vehicle at this famous stadium can be tricky on both the event and non-event days. This is the primary concern behind writing this article.

This Soldier Field parking guide will help you find a parking spot for your vehicle very easily.

Soldier Field Official Parking Options

Soldier Field Official Parking Map
Soldier Field Official Parking Map

There is plenty of parking space available on the official parking lot, but most of these locations are only available to Bears season ticket holders.

Below are official parking garages at Soldier field available for full-season coupon parking –

Full Season Coupon Parking 

  • North Garage – Blue or Orange coupon
  • Waldron Deck – White coupon.
  • South Lot – Red coupon.
  • East Museum Lot – Yellow coupon.
  • Adler Planetarium Lot – Purple coupon.
  • Family Friendly (no alcohol) Lot – Off-white and Black Stripped coupon.

You can purchase a limited number of single-game parking lots in advance by visiting

In addition, Soldier Field provides gameday cash Parking which is mentioned below –

Gameday Cash Parking

Grant Park North
  • You can find the entrance on Michigan Avenue between Randolph and Monroe
  • Regular daily rate
  • No tailgating shuttle is provided
Grant Park South
  • Entrance on Michigan Avenue between Jackson and Van Buren
  • Regular daily posted rate
  • No tailgating allowed
Millennium Garage
  • You can find the entrance located off Columbus Drive between Monroe Street and Randolph Street 
  • Parking rate – $42 day of the game, online prepaid $44 
  • No tailgating is allowed
Millennium Lakeside Garage 
  • The entrance is located off Columbus Drive between Randolph and Monroe
  • Parking rate – $38 day of the game, online prepaid $44 
  • No tailgating is allowed in this garage
McCormick Place Lakeside Garage Lot C
  • Find the entrance on Fort Dearborn Drive
  • Parking – $45 prepaid, $40 drive-up
  • No tailgating, Shuttle is not provided
18th Street Lot 
  • Just west of LSD at 18th Street  
  • Parking rate – $65 prepaid only, cars only
Adler Planetarium Lot

For RVs, campers, buses, and cars 

  • You can find the entrance on full-season Linn White Drive west of Special Olympics Drive
  • Parking Rate – $165, $175 Prepaid for limousines, RVs, campers, and buses
  • $101 Premium for cars, $1,026.50 Season Pass, and $50 for vehicles on the day of the game when available
  • Tailgating is allowed

Please note that parking rates are subject to change. For more information on cash parking, visit or call Soldier Field Parking at 312-235-7724.

Parking Options Near Soldier Field 

Public Parking
Public Parking

Official Soldier Field parking can be costly, and finding a parking spot on the event day will be challenging. However, there are plenty of nearby parking lots available within walking distance that offers much cheaper parking spaces.

Parking location – 1255 S Michigan Ave Garage Parking

  • Rate – $4 – $16 / Day
  • Walking time – 9 mins

Parking location – Peoples Auto Parking (710 S)

  • Rate – $30 / D
  • Walking time – 8.5 mins 

Parking location – South Loop Self-City Parking 

  • Rate – $13 – $20 / day 
  • Walking time – 9.7 mins 

Parking location – 320 S Clark St Parking

  • Rate – $25 / Day
  • Walking time – 10 mins

Parking location – 321 S Wacker Dr.

  • Parking Rate – $9- $25/ Day 
  • Walking time – 9 mins 

Parking location – 311 S Wacker Dr. Parking

  • Rate – $10 – $15 / Day
  • Walking time – 14 mins

Soldier Field Handicap Parking 

Handicap Parking

Accessible parking is available at all Soldier Field parking lots and garages. However, you will be required a prepaid parking pass and a disabled parking license to park in these spaces. You can find more information on disabled parking at (312) 235-7724.

Also, the stadium provides Shuttle services for cash parking –

31st Street McCormick Place Lot B Shuttle Service

Shuttles service begins 2 hours before kickoff to take fans to Soldier Field. After the game, you can board McCormick Place shuttles at the 18th street west of DuSable Lake Shore Drive. Shuttles will run until two hours after the end of the game.

Grant Park North/Millennium Park Garages Shuttle Service

Here, shuttles begin service 3 hours before kickoff and run through the first quarter to carry fans to the stadium. After the game, you can board Grant Park North/Millennium Park over the pedestrian bridge at 18th Street, west of DuSable Lake Shore Drive. Shuttles will run until two hours after the end of the game.

Public Transit to Soldier Field

public transit

If you want to avoid the headache of finding a parking space or traffic, you can use the public transit option. 

You can reach the stadium by CTA buses, 128 Soldier Field Express, and 146 Inner Drive/Michigan Avenue. 

You can find more at about public transit.

Tailgating at Soldier Field

Tailgating Rules

Tailgating activities are permitted on the top level of the Waldron Deck and all surface lots at Soldier Field.

However, tailgating setups cannot exceed one parking space.

You can check the official site for more information on tailgating.

Getting to Soldier Field 

Soldier Field is situated near the Chicago downtown area, and its address is 1410 S. Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, IL 60605.

You can reach the stadium by bus.

You can further use Google Maps if you cannot find the exact location of the stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best parking for Soldier Field? 

One great option for parking at Soldier Field is the Millennium Park and Grant Park garages. These parking garage charge a reasonable game day rate in the $30-$35 range and offer shuttle service to and from Soldier Field.

How much is the parking at Soldier Field?

The parking cost at Soldier Field field varies depending on the event, parking garage, availability, and more. However, you can get a parking space for as low as $15 to a maximum of $100.

Is there free parking at Soldier Field?

You can find the closest free parking at 1451 S Prairie Ave Chicago.

Where do you park at Soldier Field Chicago?

You can either park on the official Soldier Field Chicago parking lot or the unofficial nearby parking garages and lots.

Can you Uber to Soldier Field? 

Yes, the Uber pick-up location is on Balbo Drive at Columbus Drive, north of Soldier Field (subject to change).

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