Solo Levelling Chapter 118 Release Date, Recap, And Where To Read (Online Spoilers)

Solo Levelling Chapter 117

Solo Levelling Chapter 118 Release Date: We are at the end of the world, aren’t we? Because that’s what the latest chapter of Solo Levelling felt like. There were blood and deaths everywhere and it was chaos that we are in. We don’t know what will happen in the next chapter but one thing is for sure that it is only going to be intense. The battle has just started and it is started and it is already a bloodbath. High-intensity action is waiting for us in the next chapter and we can’t wait for it, can we?

Solo Levelling Chapter 117 Recap

Orcs have entered the school and have killed the three students that were there. Orcs are also hunter for demon classes and they can smell blood and can trace their prey. The first orcs were the advanced scouts sent to see the area. Scouts realized that the school is a fortress and smelled the blood from the upper floors. They decided to get rid of every human present in the school and after that, they will start a full-fledged hunt. The main orc told another orc to summon their brothers.

Meanwhile, Sung is at the gate in Busan and everyone surrounds him because they are his fans. Ye Rim stops them and told them to not surround him and let him do his work. Everyone thinks that Sung will lead them, but Park Jin-Woo told them that he is their leader for this raid and Sung will be on the rear guard. One of the hunters shows some attitude but Sung ignores him. The raid begins.

Meanwhile, a girl from school calls hunter association headquarters and told them about the situation but she is killed by the Orcs. Hunter Association told her that Hunters are on their way and they know they are orcs. Half of the students ran away but half is still stuck in school. Orcs go and kill one of the students who was running away. Everyone is scared and Orcs sense some magical aura around a human. It was Sung’s sister who was emitting that aura and the Orcs decide to kill her first.

Solo Levelling Chapter 118 Release Date

Chapter 114 of Solo Levelling will release on September 9, 2020. A new chapter will release every Wednesday if there is no delay in the schedule. The English version of the manhwa will release on 20 August 2020.

Solo Levelling Chapter 118 Predictions

The next chapter will be good. We will see Sung in action after so long. The magical presence of his sister is of the shadow that Sung attached to her for her safety. But that shadow is only F rank so don’t expect much. At the same time, they’re about to trigger the real raid boss’s trap card.

Solo Levelling  Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Solo Leveling on the Webtoon official site or the app. We request you to read the manhwa only from legal sources as it will help and promote the creators.

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