Press - Startech Environmental Sells Three Plasma Converter Systems To Envirosafe Industrial Services For New Recycling Facility

Startech Environmental Sells Three Plasma Converter Systems To Envirosafe Industrial Services For New Recycling Facility

It has been announced today that Startech Environmental Corporation, a fully reporting company, has signed a contract for the purchase of three Plasma Converter Systems from EnviroSafe Industrial Services Corporation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and received a 10% cash down payment. EnviroSafe’s new recycling facility in Puerto Rico is expected to open in 2008 with a capacity of approximately 50,000 pounds per day. In Puerto Rico, the Territories, and the Islands of the Caribbean, PlasmaTech Caribbean Corporation dealt with the EnviroSafe contract.

About Startech — The Environment and Energy Company

Plasma Converter SystemTM is a proprietary plasma processing system manufactured and sold by Startech Environmental, an environment and energy industry company.

It protects the environment and helps improve public health and safety by safely destroying hazardous and lethal wastes and turning them into useful and valuable products. Using the System, municipal solid waste, organics, inorganics, solids, liquids, and gases can be safely and irreversibly destroyed using closed-loop recycling, along with industrial by-products, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, e-waste, medical waste, chemical industry waste, and other specialty wastes. these materials into useful commodity products such as metals and Plasma Converted GasTM, a synthetic gas.

A number of commercial applications of PCG include generating “green electrical power,” Gas-to-Liquid fuels like ethanol, synthetic diesel fuel and other higher alcohol “alternative” fuels. As part of the PCG synthesis gas mixture, hydrogen can also be separated and recovered for use and sale. Startech Plasma Converters are manufacturing systems that create commodities from waste feedstocks.

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