Study: How Politics Affect Environmental Rescue

Nowadays, the environment seems to be under attack from elements that we cannot control. Natural disasters are constantly occurring and they bring havoc to our surroundings and to our lives. 

These changes are negatively affecting the natural balance of our planet’s atmosphere. Sadly, our actions have caused many of these changes. To start taking steps to improve the situation, our politicians should prioritize environmental rescue. They can introduce measures to remedy the issues. But are they doing something about it?

A desperate call to government leaders

When talking about global climate change, remember that this isn’t just one issue. It’s a collection of issues that we need to act on. What we need are system-level changes to the way we use natural resources and energy. These are essential to reduce global warming. Government leaders must think of policies to change the current system, including rules, laws, standards, incentives, and regulations.

The frustrating thing is that even with the introduction of policies for climate change, we can’t see the results that solve the issues. This is mainly due to the lack of political will. Many government officials are neither willing nor capable of enacting the required policies. 

Therefore, an important factor that may help in the fight against climate change is the will of the public. This is a significant influence on the process of policy-making. Strong demands from the public will increase the likelihood that government officials will start prioritizing climate change and other issues.

Lacking leadership

By now, you should already know the issue of the ozone layer getting depleted, which has been a big concern since the 1980s. The impact back then is just as relevant as it is today. Because of both technical solutions and some level of political will back then, the serious environmental issue was quickly solved. In 1987, all of the countries in the world came together to drastically reduce the use of substances that deplete the ozone.

But today, the existing climate policies aren’t as successful. There aren’t any easy, simple technological solutions available and the political leaders we have today don’t focus on such issues much. Governments generally lack collective decision-making and the policies getting introduced have generated uncertainties in the fight against environmental issues.

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The apathetic point of view

Many years from now, our current leaders won’t be around to experience the consequences of their actions or inactions. For them, it’s easier to work on the areas that they consider measurable, then use these to win re-elections. 

Sadly, environmental issues are issues that we cannot quantify. If our leaders got a choice between funding an oil pipeline or cutting back on the use of fossil fuels, most of them would opt for the environmentally unfavorable choice for the sake of industry and employment.

The importance of individual action

Solutions to the crisis of climate change cannot be easily remedied by individuals, no matter how passionate they are. Although you may have an admirable intention, it won’t solve the global issues. What we need to do is to work together for the next few decades to save energy, skip extravagant holidays abroad, walk instead of drive, and so on. But the demands of individual action may paralyze people into inaction. This prevents large-scale change that we so urgently and badly need. 

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