Study Points To Value Of Using, Reusing, And Recycling Of Plastics

It highlights the significant energy conservation value of plastics, both when they are recovered for reuse and recycling, according to a peer-reviewed study by Denkstatt GmbH of Vienna, Austria for Plastics Europe, with an emphasis on the packaging. Several factors contribute to this value, according to the ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report, including the efficiency of plastic manufacturing, the strength-to-weight ratio, and the ability of plastic packaging to prevent fresh food spoilage.

“The overall findings on the energy conservation value of plastics may not be what the public expects, according to Bob Lilienfeld, Editor of The ULS Report. In contrast, the finding that plastics can be reused and recycled significantly more than virgin materials is in line with public expectations and perceptions.”

According to Lilienfeld, plastic and plastic packaging play a larger role than most people realize when it comes to sustainability. As an example, plastic packaging can reduce food waste and spoilage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the amount of energy used by 4-6 million American households each year to power their homes, cars, and lives.”

In order to extract the greatest value from the process, it is imperative that governments, industries, and society work together. from all of our resources by extending their usable life and constantly finding ways to do more with less.”

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