Super HxEros Episode 2 Release Date, Preview and Recap, (Where to Watch)

Super HxEros Episode 2

Super HxEros Episode 2 Release Date: It looks like the season of good ecchi anime is finally here. We are getting not one but two well renowned ecchi anime simultaneously. Super HxEros first episode just got released and the reaction it got was not great but was decent. People went on to various social media platforms to even say that the anime looked really tame.

Super HxEros

But we think that the first episode was really only a mood setter, even though the way anime creators went on with the anime version of the manga was somewhat of different then we expected, but yeah we should give it some time.

The main problem with Super HxEros is its adult content. Most of the scenes in the manga are uncensored and you can not show that on National TV, where people of every age group watches the show, It was expected that the show will be toned down and that’s exactly what happened. But still, the show looked kinda decent and we are excited to see what happened.

Super HxEros Plot

Earth is invaded by an alien named “Censor Bug”. They want to extinct Humankind. And to save the Earth our main protagonist Retto Enjō joins HxEros. It consists of Four High School girls. His childhood friend Kirara Hoshino is already in the group. But what turns out that a monster had taken away all emotions of Kirara and because of that she has drifted away from Retto.

In the first episode, the anime introduces the two main characters of the show. Retto has just discovered his powers and while going back home with Kirara one day, they are attacked by a monster, which was defeated by both of them. And at the end of the episode Retto is introduced to some girls who want to save the world.

Super HxEros Cast

  • Retto Enjō Voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Kirara Hoshino, Voiced by Ai Kakuma
  • Momoka Momozono Voiced by Sayuri Yahagi
  • Sora Tenkūji Voiced by Yūki Kuwahara
  • Maihime Shirayuki Voiced by Ai Kayano
  • Jō Anno Voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki
  • Chacha Voiced by Nichika Ōmori
  • Rumba )Voiced by Daisuke Kishio
  • Narrator Voiced by Rikiya Koyama

Super HxEros’ is directed and written by Masato Jinbo.

Super HxEros Episode 2 Release Date

The Episode 2 of Super HxEros will release on 10 July, 2020 in Japan which means it will be available on 11 June, 2020 to watch in India. A new episode will be released every Friday or Saturday depending on the nation you are living in.

Super HxEros Episode 2 Spoilers

A 50-second trailer of episode 2 was released as spoilers. The trailer showed Kirara and Retto having a deep talk about her emotions. And how she is suffering daily and how due to Retto actions her heart is opening again and how difficult it is for her. The show will focus on some really intense moments between our two main protagonists. And now to say some erotic scenes will be there in episode 2 and the trailer made it clear as well.

Super HxEros Episode 2 Where To Watch

You can stream the episodes as soon as they are released on Animelab, Bilibili, Funimation, and Wakanim. We request you to watch the anime only from legit sources.

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