Kannada Superstar Susheel Gowda Died: Death Reason & Twitter Reaction

Susheel Gowda

Kannada Superstar Susheel Gowda Died: Death Reason & Twitter Reaction: Susheel Gowda was an actor and a fitness trainer known for the many roles that he played in his movies. The news came that in his hometown in Mandya in Karnataka, the actor died by suicide. K. Parshuraman, Mandya Superintendent of Police, has confirmed that “Susheel Gowda took his own life in his house situated in Induvalu.

His mortal remains have been handed over to the family after post mortem. And the investigation is going on.” Susheel Gowda was most known for his role in the Kannada soap opera Anthapura. He was also on his way to make his debut in the film industry. He has played a very crucial role in the upcoming movie Salaga, which also marks the directorial debut of Duniya Vijay.

Susheel Gowda Death Reaction

Vijay wrote a heartfelt post for Susheel, where he said that he always thought that Susheel would become the next sensation in the industry. He also said that the actor had done an excellent job playing the role of a young police officer in Salaga. He also stated that he regrets that the actor dies even before his movie was released.

He also added that “I only know him from shooting for 30 days for the film. And his passing gives him so much pain. Imagine the pain of his parents, who brought him up for 30 years.” Duniya Vijay also added an important note that said, “I don’t think such deaths will stop here this year. People are losing hope and livelihood due to coronavirus pandemic. We should stay strong to defeat this crisis.”


Susheel Gowda Death Reason?

Many actors who have known Susheel and have worked with him have also expressed their grief to this news. Actor Dhananjaya, his co-star in the movie Salaga, said through a tweet, “Susheel don’t know what you were going through, but you had a future, you should have waited for good days, #RIP.”

The reason for his suicide has not been known yet, nor has there been any announcement regarding it. But it is undoubtedly a tremendous loss for his friends and family to handle such a brilliant person gone too soon. Susheel Godwa’s death comes as a shocker to many after the untimely demise of Chiranjeevi Sarja, who passed away because of cardiac arrest. The lockdown and the pandemic are becoming a toll on people’s mental health, and it is crucial that if you ever feel so, ask for help! We wish his family and friends strength and pray that his soul rests in peace.

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