Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novel Anime Adaptation

Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novel Anime Adaptation

Sword Art Online: Progressive Light Novel Anime Adaptation: A piece of good news for all the Sword Art Online fans out there. As we all know, the last episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld just premiered. Fans were perplexed about the future of their beloved series. Sword Art Online Progressive will take fans back to Aincard and will tell you the details of SAO Floor by Floor without any timeskips.

It is still canon to the main story rather than a reboot. The boss fight of Sword Art Online Season 1 Ep2 was adapted from progressive novel only. This anime will focus on Kirito and Asuna as the Main characters, and both will get their narrative. The announcement of the anime adaptation was made just after the finale of SAO Alicization. Sword Art Online: Progressive novel was launched in 2012. Reki Kawahara himself writes the book

The manga was loved by everyone, mainly becasue of how it focused on their favoutite character. And the only problem is like it felt like that the series was ended abruptly. Aincard is considered to be the best arc and to get it back is really a good news.

Sword Art Online: Progressive Plot

The series will focus on the initial adventures of Asuna and Kirito in Aincard. Trailer already showed that the series would Asuna her perspective. Sword Art Online Progressive can be watched separately from the main Sword Art Online series as long as they give the context of season 1.

And one thing more is that the main Sword, Art Online, is still not finished. The arc following the Alicization arc will be Unital Arc. The decision to adopt Progressive now is excellent as some essential characters from Progressive are theirs in Unital. Sword Art Online Progressive is like one volume per Floor kind of thing.

Sword Art Online: Progressive

Sword Art Online Progressive is the anime that all the initial anime watchers wanted. The only thing that remains is to see how the studio will adapt the novel. It is perfect for all the fans who have lost interest in Sword Art Online due to emotional detachment because they couldn’t connect to the show. All the fans were thinking that they will get the Moon Cradle series, but this is just as big. One more concern is that this makes Alicization being rushed.

Now, the main series of Sword Art Online is still hanging. Alicization season is final since Unital Ring is still in the works, so a new season will come out after that. We don’t know what will come after this and when will it come, but a next season will come. The production house will change for sure.

Sword Art Online: Progressive Key Visual

A new key visual of the show was released. It is a poster featuring Asuna, and that is the same for the trailer. So we know that the show will focus on Asuna. In the first season, we got to see Asuna by the perspective of Kirito. So it will be cool to see Asuna as a whole.



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