T-Mobile Offers Pandora Premium To Those Losing TIDAL Benefits

T-Mobile Offers Pandora Premium To Those Losing TIDAL Benefits

This News is about T-Mobile Offers Pandora Premium To Those Losing TIDAL Benefits. Read this article to know more about this News.

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T-Mobile Offers Pandora Premium To Those Losing TIDAL Benefits

T-Mobile is offering Pandora Premium to those losing TIDAL benefits. It partnered with TIDAL, giving customers free access to the music streaming service. However, that partnership ended on August 1, 2023. Instead, T-Mobile offers a new promotion on select plans: “Pandora on Us.”

As per reports about the change of plan, if you still need to receive the SMS from T-Mobile for the Losing Tidal Freemium benefit. Then the good news is that eligible customers will receive another benefit to replace the lost one.

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Source – https://tmo.report/2023/08/t-mobile-is-offering-pandora-premium-to-those-that-are-losing-their-tidal-benefit/

To compensate for the loss of TIDAL, T-Mobile is offering customers a one-year subscription to Pandora Premium. Pandora Premium is a music streaming service that offers ad-free listening, offline playback, and higher-quality audio than Pandora’s free service.

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To get the Pandora Premium offer, T-Mobile customers who lost their TIDAL benefits must enroll by October 31, 2023. They can enroll online or by calling customer service.

As of today, we only know that T-Mobile plans to offer something other than TIDAL to eligible customers after September 1. The competition for wireless customers now extends beyond just service and price. Companies like Verizon and T-Mobile are offering additional perks to entice high-paying subscribers, such as free Apple Music and the Disney Plus bundle or Netfli

T-Mobile previously promoted Tidal as part of its acquisition of Sprint, but they are phasing out this promotion after selling their 33% stake in the company in earlier 2021. As evidence of this move, T-Mobile has already removed the Tidal promotion from its website, which currently displays a temporary unavailability message.

If you have multiple lines on your T-Mobile account, you must share one Pandora Premium subscription, as the company only offers one subscription per account. Whether T-Mobile will continue this promotion beyond the initial year must be determined.

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It is important to note that if you do not wish to be charged for Pandora Premium after the one-year free subscription offer ends, you must cancel 24 hours before the end of the promotional period.

T-Mobile’s terms and conditions state that your Pandora Premium account will be charged to your phone plan; otherwise, if you do not cancel the subscription 24 hours before the ending date.

To redeem the Pandora Premium offer, you must check eligibility. The promotion is not available for existing Pandora subscribers with a Plus, Premium, Premium Family, Premium Student, or Military plan.

However, if you have Pandora Free’s ad-supported plan, you can upgrade to Pandora Premium by adding the service to your T-Mobile account.

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If you want to continue using Tidal after October, you can sign up for the service separately. Current Tidal account holders have received messages offering them the option to sign up for an independent subscription.

Doing so will seamlessly transfer your membership and won’t affect your music collection. However, adding a new payment method will eliminate any remaining free days of T-Mobile’s Tidal promotion. The company is sweetening the deal by offering a free 30-day trial.

Is this a good move for T- Mobile’s customers? How does Pandora Premium compare to TIDAL for you? Let us know your thoughts below!

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