Taeko no Nichijou Season 2 Part 2 Release Date, Preview, Cast, Plot, Recap, Trailer, & Where To Watch?

Taeko no Nichijo

Taeko no Nichijou Season 2 Part 2 Release Date: Taeko No Nichijou is set to return with part 2 of season 2 really soon. The staff of the second season announced on Thursday that the series will be back really soon. Taeko No Nichijou is really a definition os sleeper hit. Initially, the sales of the webcomic were really bad but it got the recognition really slowly and became a fan-favorite. The anime is based on a webcomic series of the same name written by Sorosoro Tanigawa. The first season of the anime came out in 2019 and aired on Tokyo MX.

The manga or webcomic was started by Tanigawa on Twitter in 2015. In 2016, Sankei Living Shimbunsha’s City Magazine start publishing it in their magazine. And on March 3 DLE Publishing released the third book volume of the series. The manga started getting famous when one of the panels got really viral and then many fans started reading it.

The story revolves around a girl named Taeko Shinbou. No matter what happens in her life or how bizarre her life is, she endures it all on daily basis. She is a long time office worker and greets everyone with cheer and a smile. The anime shows us the everyday life of her and other workers. The plot is basically revealed by the title itself which means Taeko’s Everyday Life. All the troublesome situations she will come across on daily basis and their solutions will definitely give you a laugh. Taeko No Nichijou is really a heartwarming anime that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

The staff of the anime announced the returning date of part 2 of the anime. And the series is all set to return in October. Just like the first half, the second half will also feature a new one-minute episode every week. The exact date is yet to be revealed so keep an eye out here as we will update you as soon as we get some information. The first season consisted of 26 episodes and the second season is supposed to have the same amount of episodes.

The main cast will return for the second part of the season.

  • Tanaka will reprise her role as Taeko
  • Ami will voice Asami(Taeko’s friend)
  • And other members Shuta Morishima, Hikaru Tohno, and Risa Tsumugi will also return for the second half.

The anime is directed by Sorosoro Tanigawa and produced by  DLE. The first season consisted of 26 episodes of 3 minutes each. But the episodes were shortened in the second season.

The series can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video in Japan. Crunchyroll is going to stream both seasons of the anime really soon so you can watch it there. We request you to use only legal and legit sources to watch the anime. As it will promote the creators and will help them bring quality content to us.

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