Tamil Actress Vijaya Lakshmi Attempts suicide, admitted to a hospital

Tamil Actress Vijaya Lakshmi Attempts suicide, admitted to a hospital

Vijaya Lakshmi: Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi who has been known for her films like Friends and Boss Engira Baskaran, has attempted suicide on Sunday. Before doing so, she uploaded a video on her Facebook account yesterday allegedly claiming to be harassed by followers of Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman & Panangkattu Padai Katchi party’s Hari Nadar.

According to the media reports, she has released a number of videos claiming that she was facing harassment and hence, has taken blood-pressure pills to end her life. She has also requested in her video, to arrest both the alleged leaders. As per reports, Vijaya Lakshmi has been admitted to Malar hospital in Chennai on Monday and is currently undergoing treatment.

Vijaya Lakshmi

In the video uploaded by the actress, she said that this is her last video and she has been under tremendous pressure since the last 4 months of Seeman and his followers. She has tried to survive till date because of her sister and mother, however, she was again humiliated in the media by Harinadar recently.

She further added that she had already taken her BP pills and hence in some time, she will suffer from low blood pressure and will be dead in a few hours. She told her fans that she was being harassed by Seeman as she was born in Karnataka.

She further said that being a woman, she has handled to her highest capabilities, however, unable to do so more. She added that she belongs to the Pillai community from where LTTE leader Prabhakaran hails, who is the only reason behind the position of Seeman today who is harassing her on social media continuously. He has slammed her to torture her and now it’s her choice to decide what to do after facing such insults from him.

Vijaya Lakshmi Death Reason

She requested her fans in the video to not let Seeman get away from the case not even on anticipatory bail. Her death will be a big eye-opener for everyone as I refuse to be a slave to anyone. Earlier in February, she has made allegations of harassment against her. She accused Seeman of cheating on her after promising to marry her.

Originally from Karnataka, Vijaya Lakshmi has acted in a few Tamil films. She made her debut in the Tamil film industry opposite Suriya in the film Friends, however, after few films she moved to the Kannada film industry. She later fell ill and hospitalized in Bangalore.

She has approached many stars and directors for financial help when actor Kicha Sudeep came forward to help her. She has also claimed to be sexually harassed by a Kannada actor.

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