Tamil TV actors Sridhar and Jaya Kalyani committed suicide; Check Why?

Tamil TV actors Sridhar and Jaya Kalyani committed suicide: The Giant television artists, brother and sister, Sridhar and Jaya Kalyani, were found dead during their stay in Chennai.

They probably died from suicide. Apparently, the team’s neighbors detected an unpleasant smell arising from their house and warned the police.

Their body was discovered by police in the deployed state of Kodungayur in Mutamizh Nagar.

Sridhar and Jaya Kalyani

The two artists were apparently facing massive financial crises due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and hence they decided to end it all.

Sridhar and Jaya Kalyani

The bodies found by the police were quickly sent for autopsy to Stanley Hospital. Now the examination has begun, and at present, the police cannot find out the reason for the suicide of the personalities on the screen.

Two other Indian television artists, Preksha Mehta and Manmeet Grewal, died a month ago. They were also allegedly discouraged by the lack of work during the lockdown period.

Although shooting of TV shows and films have resumed in some parts of the country, there is still a shortage of work in both industries.

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