Teen Titans Season 6 Release Date? Teen Titans 6 Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, & What to Expect?

Teen Titans Season 6

Teen Titans renewed for Season 6? Release Date, Cast, and Other Details: It has been almost a decade since we got a season of Teen Titans. Fans have been waiting for season 6 for more than a decade. The last episode of season 5 premiered on January 16, 2006. But finally, after 14 years it seems like the wait is over. It was revealed that season 6 is solely dependent on how Teen Titans Vs Teen Titans Go will do. On the other hand, Tara Strong(Raven) also said on Twitter that the production house will make the 6th season if Teen Titans Go to the movie did well at the box office. Teen Titans Go movie grossed 29.6 million USD dollars.

Teen Titans Season 6

And now that Young Justice season 3 was released and Season 4 is on its way and the way DC fandom is rising we can see season 6 of Teen Titans. At this time season, 6 is only speculative. But in the last two years, we have seen so many teases of season 6 that if we don’t get it now it will be disappointing. There have been so many sporadic, unofficial teases by several big names that have legitimate ties to the original Teen Titans series. And if we look at the current scenario Warner Bros has finally started listening to the fans. Snyder Cut is the prime example of that.

There was a petition that was made for the renewal of season 6. The petition gained many signatures in just 2 years after its origination. But, Warner Bros and Cartoon Network officially declared the end of Teen Titans before season 6. And it was due to the low ratings of the previous two seasons. So if it does eventually come back it probably won’t be on CN. Likely alternatives are Adult Swim or the most likely one is DC Streaming. But with DC increasing their ties with HBO Max we can see season 6 returning on that platform too.

Teen Titans Season 6 Release Date:

Now, there is no official announcement of any sort of the series getting back anytime soon. But according to the editor Rob Hoegee, not making season 6 was the decision of Cartoon Network not Warner Bros because of the low ratings of season 4 and also because Mattel decided to end the series when Bandai sealed the show’s toy deal.

Teen Titans Season 6 Cast:

The cast of the series is likely to remain the same as previous seasons which included:-

  • Robin Voiced By  Scott Menville
  • Starfire Voiced By  Hynden Walch
  • Cyborg Voiced By  Khary Payton
  • Raven Voiced By  Tara Strong
  • Beast Boy Voiced By  Greg Cipes

Now don’t hold your breath or anything for season 6 as there are only little teases. But, the demand for season 6 is high from fans who like animated TV shows. Now, main there are many problems like traditional animation is extremely expensive and time-consuming in American studios. We also don’t know if the writers will be the same or not.  Amy Wolfram is still with TTG, so she could return and David Slack has said he will like to return but there has not been any strong source regarding it. So, let’s just hope we can get an announcement regarding season 6 real soon. We will update you as soon as some information is out.

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