* LIVE* Teer Lottery Result out Today: 8th August 2020 Meghalaya State Juwai Teer Result

Teer Lottery Result

If you wish to win a lottery and make money in a thousand then the lottery of Meghalaya state Teer is for you to check out. it is offering the people a chance to win on a daily basis and is an extremely great opportunity to try your luck. A fair archery based game that is controlled by the state government and organized by Khasi Hills Archery Sports organization. Juwai Teer Result always starts flourishing the people first and gives them an opportunity of a lifetime.

Meghalaya state Teer lottery result time:

The result for the first round of the game would unleash at 2:30 PM and the second round result reveals at 3:00 PM. There will be two rounds first and second, therefore the first-round result will be out today. Meghalaya is an adorable city that gives chance to its tourists that visit the state every year to participate in this lottery.

Shillong Teer lottery results time:

Shillong Teer Result comes after Juwai Lottery results are out, the winning digits for the first round of the game would be announced at 3:45 PM and the complete result would be declared at 4:30 PM. Shillong stater Teer lottery will also take place in two rounds first and second.

Khanapara State Lottery results time:

Khanapara Teer is offering once in a lifetime opportunity to its winners. The first round of the game announces at 4 PM while the second round winning digits would announce at 4:30 PM. Khanapara Teer game will also be held in 2 rounds, first and second round.

Arunachal State Teer Lottery Results time:

Arunachal Teer Result comes last in the game. The first round result of the game will be announced at 5:45 while the second round result of the game will be announced at 6:30 PM. As per the other lotteries, this Arunachal state Teer lottery will also follow a two-round pattern. which means only first-round results will be announced first and then the dates for second will be out.

Are Teer Lotteries legal?

Teer Lottery is entirely legal and straightforward, the game gives an opportunity for everyone living in the state to try its luck and upgrade their lifestyle on a daily basis. The winning digits of the game will start exactly at 3 PM and the complete result would publish at 6:30 PM. If you cannot find the results then simply refresh the website to check the complete result. Stay tuned with us for more information and all the latest updates on Teer lottery results and more news related information.

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