The African American Story: How Are The African-Americans Are Treated In The US

The African American Story

The African American Story: Violence has erupted in many cities of the US following the death of George Black Floyd, a black citizen in police custody.

Here, we take a look at some statistics related to crime and justice in America, and together we try to see what these figures show in the case of African-Americans.

The African American Story: How Are The African-Americans Are Treated In The USA

African-Americans are more likely to become victims of police bullets
The African American Story
The African American Story

The present data indicate that the number of African-Americans in the case of police firing is higher in proportion to their total population in America.

According to official figures, the number of African-Americans in 2019 is 14 percent of the total population of America. 

In more than 23 percent of cases, African-Americans become victims of police bullets, and by the number, it is slightly more than 1000 cases.

These figures have remained constant since 2017, while the number of white people killed by police shots has declined since then.

African-Americans have the highest rate of drug arrests
The African American Story
The African American Story

The rate of African-Americans being arrested in drug cases is much higher than whites, while the survey has revealed that both communities use the same level of drugs.

In 2018, 750 people were arrested for drug use per 100,000 African-Americans, compared to only 350 for white Americans.

A previous survey conducted at the national level revealed that white people consume drugs at the same level as African-American people. But African-Americans have a higher rate of arrest.

A study by the American Civil Liberties Union found that African-Americans were arrested 3.7 times more than whites for possessing marijuana, even though both were nearly equal in terms of marijuana consumption.

African-Americans are Jailed More
The African American Story
The African American Story

According to recently released data, African-Americans eat five times more prison air than whites while twice as much as Hispanic-Americans.

In 2018, African-Americans were just 13 percent of the population of America, but they account for one-third of the number of people in prison in the country.

Whites are thirty percent of the total number of prisoners in an American prison, but their share in the country’s population is more than 60 percent.

More than 1000 people are lodged in jails per one lakh African-American population, while there are only about 200 prisoners per 100,000 white population.

The population of prisoners in America is determined by the number of inmates who have been in state or central jails for more than a year.

The number of African-American prisoners has declined in the last decade, but it is still higher than any other breed.

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