The best horror movies of all time; check details about the plot here:

The best horror movies of all time

Horror has become one of the most fantastic genres in the entertainment industry. The level of thrill and content it serves the audiences is exceptional. The visual effects, the gut-wrenching plot, and the highlight pulsating acting skills of the cast send chills down the spine. If you are a horror fan and this genre intrigues, you have a look at the curated list of the best horror movies of all time.

The best horror movies of all time:


A classic scary film that is far better and less graphic than the remakes that were out after the initial movie. A fictional character Michael Myers was born out of the film, which is a psychopath. This character is nothing but pure evil who had killed his family when he was a kid. And has returned from prison as an adult. He still goes on to do what he does but what sets the story scary is the emotional, less mask, the tone, and overall direction of the film.

2-A nightmare on the elm street:

The movie and the central character is entirely opposite to the character in Halloween. Freddy Krueger is hugely chatty and expressive. As more sequences of the film come into the picture, he becomes more and more gruesome. But only in the initial movies, his molester and murderer side is truly known to the audience. He is a child molester who was killed by a mob justice of local parents. But when the undead Freddy returns to haunt the dreams of their children, everything still continues.

3-The exorcist:

The exorcist is undoubtedly one of the best horror movies ever to date. The re are many sequences to this movie has well, but the central idea is somewhat the same. The film follows a story of a child who is possessed and the 2 priests who try to exorcist the demon out. The film has won many awards for the cast’s performance, the chilling storyline, and the terrifying special effects. If you are a true horror fan, this movie should definitely be on your watch list.

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4-Drag me to hell:

This is another example of a chilling story with mind-blowing horror scenes. The story revolves around a bank worker who wants to impress her boss. In doing so, she refuses a bank loan to an elderly woman who curses her soul to eternal damnation. This eviction of the loan to the women lands the loan officer into a living hell life. She tries a lot to break the curse, but the time and price are far more than she thinks. Watch this movie if you haven’t to get a true horror experience.


Everyone knows this by far that conjuring is one of the best horror movies. It is based on real events, and as shown at the end of the film, these families exist. The story revolves around a family who lives in a haunted house. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren try to help the family get to the place’s activities’ depth. It is a very chilling story, and it truly gives the horror experience. The movie also has certain spinoffs to watch; add them to your watch list as well.


These are the top 5 best horror films of all time. These ones indeed send chills down the spine and they are still the best in horror Genre. The visual effects, story, and performance of the cast are impeccable. To know more about movies, entertainment, and web series, stay connected to world wire.

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