The Desecrators book – Why did Donald Trump Recommend it?

The Desecrators

We all know that cancel culture and “wokeness” are on rise the and dominating every area of our lives and The Desecrators by Matt Schlapp is a look at how this affects and further rules our lives and families. The Desecrators is the Number 1 New release on Amazon. The book also boasts a five-star rating on Amazon, however, there are only 9 reviews. All 232 pages of this book discover and further explain how intricate and complex censorship and the government is in control. The book’s description is a powerful representation of this book.

In its words, The enemy is no longer hidden in the dark but instead operates in broad daylight. Its attacks on Americans are clear and intensifying: cancel culture, wokeness, public shaming, urban violence, “whiteness,” and critical race theory. The enemy also seeks to undermine the sacredness of human life, failing to provide basic protection for the lives of the unborn. This enemy is called the Desecrators. The Desecrators tear down not only monuments but human nature, the biblical-natural conception of marriage, the family, parental rights, fact-based education, traditional moral values, and the Church. The Desecrators are taking over the media, publishing, educational institutions, corporate boards, labor unions, amateur and professional sports, foundations, and professional associations ranging from the American Medical Association to the Chamber of Commerce. They leave nothing untouched.

The Desecrators intro

In this powerfully provocative book, Deal W. Hudson and Matt Schlapp provide firsthand accounts of the Desecrators’ actions and intentions, including their remarkably angry and uncharitable treatment of President Donald Trump, which Hudson and Schlapp uniquely observed. The authors also describe how Catholics have been stifled for years because many bishops have failed to confront pro-abortion Catholic politicians. But fortunately, there is hope. As Hudson and Schlapp lay bare the Desecrators’ path of destruction, they also lay out a plan for the faithful to turn things around. Here is a book that will embolden all people of faith and good will to make their voices heard once again in the public square and political realm by countering the enemy with reason, faith, and hope. Here is a vision to build up rather than tear down.”

I feel that many people will agree with this and I do too. I feel that today’s world and the internet is just so hellbent on criticizing things that don’t need to be criticized and giving opinions on things that don’t need opinions. The internet oftentimes takes some opinions as pure fact and others as utter nonsense.

The internet has just become a ticking tie bomb where no one can say what they want to, and if they do, they lead the risk of destroying their lives. People are just so eager to give opinions on things and call their opinion fact and then proceed to call other opinions nonsense. This is ultimately ignoring the fact that opinions are mere opinions. As an example, there is a video of a girl going viral, wherein the girl is taking a picture of herself with a hot dog and someone is filming her doing it, implying that she is dumb.

The comments on this video speak volumes on how toxic the internet can be. The comments are saying, “What a sad world we live in” and people genuinely bashing and criticizing her for simply taking a picture. If there is ever a point where you are pissed off at someone who is not even saying anything to you nor doing anything that will affect you or the people around you, you need to seriously think about your life decisions. Tell me, what is sadder, A girl just minding her own business and taking a picture or a guy taking video of her without her consent and trying to mock her?

As a more serious example, Someone on Twitter got canceled by simply saying, “H*tler is bad.” I know it seems fake but this actually happened, you can do your own research about it. Again, The internet gives opinions on things that don’t need them.

A sneak peek into The Desecrators

The foreword of the book states, “The idea for The Desecrators started on our front porch. There Mart and I would drink our morning cup of coffee. Our conversation always led to discussions about the declining state of affairs in America. We felt that we weren’t the only ones sitting on the front porch looking to the horizon and feeling that we were losing this great country. We were in the middle of the horrific COVID-19 pandemic where thousands of Americans, especially older Americans, had died. Many Americans were living in fear, socially distancing themselves from their families, and being yelled at by their neighbors for not wearing a mask. The stress and anxiety was escalating, and any sense of normalcy had ended in our communities and churches.

The Desecrators

The world looked grim. Rising deaths, endless lockdowns, and closed schools only added to the heartache. And the government’s response is more control: mask mandates, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and school shutdowns all in the name of the COVID. We were also living in a new woke world where chaos and confusion were penetrating every aspect of our lives and directly impacting our children. It seemed like the darkness and sadness would never end. Matt and I could only hold on to our faith, our family, and each other. We found ourselves praying the Rosary every night with the family and asking for wisdom and God’s mercy on our country.”

With all of the info presented here, I am sure you know why Donald Trump Loves this book.


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