The five challenges that Biden will have to deal with

The five challenges that Biden will have to deal with

The five challenges that Biden will have to deal with: Biden is preparing to become the 46th President of the country after defeating Donald Trump in the US presidential elections during the Coronavirus epidemic.

In the next four years, many challenges are going to face them. The biggest challenge for him will be to convince Republican leaders in Congress. There are many Republican leaders in Congress.

Experts believe that this is such a situation that after coming to the White House, Biden may not be able to fulfil the ambitious plans he wants to work on.

The five challenges that Biden will have to deal with

After taking responsibility for the post, he has issues like foreign policy, corona epidemic and reinvigorating the US economy. In the matter of economy, they will have five important questions.

First – how will they save the American economy?

For several months, American economists have been requesting the government to increase the Coronavirus relief package. 

But there is a deadlock in this case because the Republican Party leaders do not agree on the suggested expenditure of the leaders of the Democratic Party. In this case, Trump also tried to pressurize his party leaders for this, but to no avail.

Republican leaders have indicated that they will conclude the issue before Biden steps into the White House to translate it into Trump’s final victory.

But if for some reason this package did not meet the expectations of the Democratic leaders or if the signs of recovery in the economy started to falter, what would Biden do? How big an economic package will they demand?

In his election campaign, Joe Biden had planned to pardon the loans of students, raise money under the Social Security Scheme for pensioners and provide financial assistance to small businesses.

He also had ambitious plans to invest $ 20 trillion in clean and sustainable energy, development in infrastructure and public transport service.

But they may find it difficult to execute their plan as they can take a hard stand on the proposals brought by the Democrats regarding the expenses. In this case, the path will not be easy for Biden.

Second- how will we eliminate economic inequality?

Income inequality is at its highest level in the US in the last five decades. 

Liberals say that the government should consider increasing the tax on the rich. In the recent surveys conducted, it has been found that this proposal has got wide support among the public.

In his election campaign, Biden said that he would change Trump’s decision to cut tax in 2017 to some extent. He also promised that he would increase the tax on big companies from 21 per cent to 28 per cent.

Many experts believe that by doing this, they can raise up to 30 trillion dollars for the government in the next decade. In the coming time, when the national debt of America will increase due to Corona epidemic, this money can be useful to the government.

But Biden’s plans do not seem to have as far-reaching effects as those suggested by other leaders of his party. At the same time, Republicans will certainly oppose any plan to increase tax, which believes that if the tax is increased, it will have a bad effect on the economy.

When the condition of the economy is not already very good, will Biden go ahead with his plans?

Third- How will we work on climate change?

Climate change activists were disappointed when Biden put forward his first plan to fight climate change.

But after some time he came up with a new and comprehensive proposal which he prepared with some of his critics. It was said to be the most ambitious proposal ever offered by any American presidential candidate.

It talked about investing four trillion dollars in sustainable energy research. Along with this, steps were taken to tighten the pollution laws of the vehicles, tighten up the companies which pollute more, build 500,000 electric car charging stations in the country and completely eliminate carbon pollution from power plants by the year 2035.

Republican leaders described the plan as a plan to “bring the US economy to the grave”. But if Biden is able to implement it in a limited way or if he is able to enforce the laws he is talking about, and then he will be called the leader to change the decisions taken by the Trump administration on this issue.

The Trump administration allowed oil drilling on public land, lifted regulations to stop pollution, and also decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a global campaign to stop climate change. But will Biden be able to prioritize these proposals?

Fourth- Will they end the trade war started by Trump?

Taking an aggressive approach to trade, targeting its allies, criticizing international trade organizations, imposing new border taxes on imports – were key features of Donald Trump’s economic policy.

There is no doubt that Biden can change the work of the Trump administration in the last four years in this case. They may work towards reinvigorating America’s role as a partner and leader on the global stage, but how different will it be from Trump?

In the case of China (with which Trump has waged a trade war in some way), Biden called “aggressive “Action is promised. It is not expected that Biden will soon remove the import duty that Trump has increased on Chinese goods.”

One of our sources stated before the election, “Even if the president changes in the US, China has no hope of any concession from the US in this matter.”

The former US Vice President has also supported the idea of ​​import duty. They say that the import duty on countries which do not fulfil their obligations for climate and environment should be increased.

On the basis of Trump’s statements, he says that the US government should buy goods made in the country itself. In such a situation, it may be difficult for the US to follow international trade rules.

But there is no doubt that verbal attacks on international organizations and leaders of long-time US ally Canada and Europe can be reduced.

But some difficulties may remain, and a trade agreement with Britain may be difficult. The decision of a trade agreement with Britain will depend on the understanding between Ireland border and Britain after Brexit.

Biden has already said that such an agreement is not a priority for him.

Fifth- how to deal with big technology companies?

Investigations are going on in many countries of the world about the working methods of the big technology companies present in America. In America, left and right leaders are demanding stricter rules regarding competition and consumer privacy.

Biden has criticized Facebook and other companies for not misleading and misleading information and placing fake information on their platform.

He said earlier that he is ready to dismiss the American law that protects these companies from the responsibility of misleading information posted on the platforms of tech companies.

But he and his running mate Kamala Harris have received widespread support from Silicon Valley, and Biden has remained silent in this matter. For example, there is no mention of any kind of issues related to the campaign on his website.

In some cases, they will need the support of Congress. But the President can himself take steps like ordering an inquiry related to competition, taking decisions about enforcing privacy rules. 

At the same time, the President can take decisions on decisions being taken about companies at the international level (like demanding more tax from the company in a country).

But on the one hand, they have to convince the Republican leaders in Congress to take a decision on many issues, on the other hand, they will also face the challenge of meeting the liberal model of the Democrat leaders. 

In such a situation, will they be able to bring tougher laws for tech companies, or will this issue be left behind just like that?

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