The God of High School Episode 10 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & (Where to Watch)

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The God of High School Episode 10 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & (Where to Watch): Mappa Studios did an amazing job with that matching side-by-side beatdown scene with the manhwa. The action in this episode was once again amazing and Mappa did an amazing job with the animation that really brought the liveliness in those action scenes, but once again it was the writing that let the episode down. You really don’t feel the excitement while watching the show anymore that you felt in the first few episodes, and considering that only 10 episodes have been out yet, it is really a worrying deal. Again as we said earlier that there is no actual flow in the show, it feels like more of a compilation of many videos put together and you can’t invest your emotions in compilation videos, can you?

The God of High School Episode 9 Recap

Jin is going to find his grandfather but says that he will be back for the tournament. Both Mira and Han are worried about him as the match is going to start. Commissioner P told them if Jin is not available on time he will be out of the match. The match has started and Mira is fighting against Lee Marin. Lee Marin had Mira’s sword that she used to train with. Lee Marin brought the true power of the sword out and is super fast now and really powerful. Elsewhere Jin found his grandfather but it turns out it was fake and it was a bomb. A coach from another team comes and starts fighting Jin.

At the backstage Han is fighting a girl from Gyeongsangam-Do. She was going to use her special power when Jaegal came and stop her. Back at the factory, it turns out that the real team Jeju is dead and Mira is fighting someone else in disguise. In the match, Mira was able to bring her inner power out an was able to acquire borrowed power and defeated fake Lee. Jin came and was so angry with everything that went down and here it was that side-by-side beatdown scene, which was truly amazing. Jin absolutely dominated the match with his new moves and everyone watching the match was really surprised.

The God Of High School Episode 10 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 10 will release on September 7, 2020. A new episode is released every Monday if there is no delay or change in schedule.

The God Of High School Episode 10 Preview

As of now no preview or spoiler has been out yet. It looks like the match will be over in the next episode and we will see a new Mori from now on and he might also start searching for his grandfather. We have to wait for next week for all the answers.

The God Of High School Episode 10 Where to Watch

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll and VRV and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will help the creators of the anime. You can also stream the anime on MuseAsia official youtube channel.

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