The God of High School Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Trailer, & Where to Watch?

the god of high school episode 10

The God of High School Episode 11 Release Date: Once again the problems of The God Of High School are more and more visible with every passing episode. If you watch a single episode you will absolutely love it. But if you watch it as a whole you will see how much of an inconsistent this sow has been. Maybe the reason is how the creators are trying to include as many manhwa chapters they can in a single episode. Best Anime of 2020

Maybe it’s because of how the two incurring plots of the anime don’t seem connected at all. Or maybe it’s because of the lacklustre writing that really makes God Of HighSchool feels like a compilation rather than an anime. The last episode had such high stakes and was such a visual treat. Sunghoo Park previously said that this was his favourite episode of the series. And as a director point of view, we can’t deny why not.

The God Of High School Episode 10 Recap

The episode started with a flashback of a martial arts tournament 4 years ago. Where Seungyoung is asking Ilpyo that why he wants to get strong. Ilpyo told her that he made a promise with someone. In the next match, Jegal beat Seungyoung and disable her legs. Ilpyo was so mad that he put a beating down on Jegal and after that, he was invited to the tournament. He told his sister that he will win so that Seungyoung legs can be healed.

Nox the new gods?

Park Mujin tells Jin and co. that the Jeju team they faced was impersonators. But they will go to the semi-finals as they won the match. He also tells them about Nox and how they want to be the god of this world. Meanwhile, back at the factory, Jegal kills the main who kidnapped Jin’s grandfather.

Jin Vs Ilpyo

The match between Team Seoul and Team Jeollanam-Do is starting. The first match is between Han Daewi and Park Seungah. Han beats Par Seungah. The second match is between Ilpyo and Jin. Ilpyo used his overwhelming strength when Jin used the moonlight sword technique. After that Jin copies the Han technique. Jin used another of his original move but Ilpyo tapped into his inner power and was able to activate the key.

Nox Vs Team Seoul coaches

Nox attacks all three members of Team Jeju and the coach too. Park Mujin appears and was challenging him when Nox uses the sword of judgment.  Some random person watching this from far away told his band to start playing music. The whole band starts playing music and the personal attacks with all his weapons on the divine sword. Coach Q and others beat all the members of Nox and the person was able to break the sword of judgment.

The God Of High School Episode 11 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 10 will release on September 14, 2020. A new episode is released every Monday if there is no delay or change in schedule.

The God Of High School Episode 11 Preview

As of now no preview or spoiler has been out yet. We will see the new powers of Ilpyo and what will happen to Nox when the key is activated.


The God Of High School Where to Watch

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll and VRV and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will help the creators of the anime. You can also stream the anime on MuseAsia official youtube channel.

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