The God of High School Episode 13 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Trailer, & Where to Watch?

The God Of High School Episode 13 Release Date

The God of High School Episode 13 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Trailer, & Where to Watch?:  What a damn mess this anime is. It could have been one of the best overall anime in 2020. The action and animation are enthralling; the soundtrack is fantastic; the manhwa is fabulous and loved by everyone. The producers had everything lying in front of them; they just had to be loyal to the manhwa. In terms of pure action, this anime will be one of the best of all time. But, what we got was something completely different and in a wrong way. God Of High School felt like a compilation rather than a continuing story. It was like makers threw as many scenes as possible and hoped it would make some sense.

Even if you watched 12 episodes, in-depth none of it would make any sense to you. The only saving grace of the anime till now is its action. No matter what a huge mess this is, you will be back again for the next episode because of what a spectacle it is. But enough talk about that, let’s take a look at what happened in the episode.

The God Of High School Episode 12 Recap 

The member of Nox(Sang Mandeok) announces that the time for purging has come. He has summoned the god that he wanted too. This is the final act that will destroy the entirety of the world.
We see a flashback of Jaegal and his mother. Jaegal was separated from his mom and was recruited by some agency because of his ability and how Jaegal got his powers. And then we cut to Jaegal vs Ilpyo. Jaegal used his borrowed power while Ilpyo was furious of the events that just happened and turned into a monster completely. Referees were fighting all the monsters and were trouncing them.
Meanwhile, Mujin was trying to stop the attack. Jin and gang came to the scene and were speechless. Ilpyo was beating the hell out of Jaegal, but Jeagal’s borrowed power ate Ilpyo and extracted the key from him. Jaegal was going to have the key when a monster took it away. The key landed with Sang, but Jin took it from him. Ilpyo was seriously injured.

End Of The World

Meanwhile, America broke the pact and decided to shoot nuclear missiles over Seoul. Mujin teleported everyone to a different place. Ilpyo came back to his senses. Jin showed him that he has the key and they can’t give it to Jaegal. Jaegal also went to the place where everyone was hiding and was finding the key. Jaegal trounces Han and Mira. And in the real world, the god was ready to enter the world, and all the living souls were transported somewhere.

Meanwhile, Jin and Jageal were fighting. It was revealed that Jaesan was behind it. He saved Seoul from all the Nuclear attack but lost his life. Jin and the gang returned to the world, and Jaegal got the key from him. Jaegal absorbed the key and was able to turn into something completely different from anything. 

The God Of High School Episode 13 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 10 will release on September 28, 2020. A new episode is released every Monday if there is no delay or change in schedule.

The God Of High School Where to Watch

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll and VRV and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will help the creators of the anime. You can also stream the anime on MuseAsia official youtube channel.


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