The God Of High School Episode 3 Release Date, Preview And Spoilers (Where to Watch)

The God Of High School

The God Of High School Episode 3 Release Date, Preview And Spoilers: The God Of High School is an explosive series. The tournament is well underway, our main protagonist is really powerful if we say. Kang Manseok who was the fighter to beat in the tournament was beaten to a pull by Mori. Some new things also went by, but this show is really getting intense.

The God Of High School Episode 3

The animation for fighting sequences was looking really good and I just love the music of the series and also love the fact how nonchalant our main three protagonists are. Fighting Tournament anime arcs are always good and if we are getting an anime that mainly focuses on a fighting tournament, things are going to get interesting. This episode might have put all the worries of fans that were saying that it’s bad that they are re-using animation. Now, let’s look at what happened in episode 2 of the show.

The God Of High School Episode 2 Recap

At the end of the first episode, it turns out that without her glasses Yoo can’t see properly and broke the neck of Jin. It was healed by the nanomachines. All of our three fighters were going home and Jin accidentally drops Yoo sword in the water. Yoo slapped him and told him to go away. Jin comes back after some time and helps her to find her sword and after some time Han also shows up to help them.

The next day, the tournament is underway and while Jin was sleeping Kang decides to attack him Go Gamdo tells him to stop, Kang tries to kick him but Go was saved by Jin. The fights start and every strong fighter is winning easily. And then the fight between Kang and Go starts. It looked like Go had the upper hand at the start of the fight, but Kang easily beat him and was on his way of torturing Go when suddenly Jin comes and saved him.

A brawl between Kang and Jin starts in which Jin was winning easily but all the organizers come to stop him, even after that Kang attack everyone but Jin beats him down and then the Head Of Tournament Administration, Park Mujin comes and holds Jin down. Jin will face a penalty for interrupting a match. Between the brawl, we also saw some flashbacks of Kang which were kind of sad. So, something different is cooking there also.

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The God Of High School Episode 3 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 3 will release on 20 July 2020. A new episode is released every Monday if there is no delay or change in schedule.

The God Of High School Episode 3 Preview And Spoilers 

No new spoilers or Preview have been released yet. So, we can’t provide anything solid as of this moment. But looking at what happened till now, Jin will face a trial for breaching rules and we might also see some of the backstory of Kang and his development will be interesting. We will see some really good action sequences as the tournament is well underway.

The God Of High School Episode 3 Where to Watch

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll and VRV and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will help the creators of the anime.


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