The God of High School Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers

The God of High School Release Date

The God of High School Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers:

A week ago Crunchyroll revealed the official release date for The God of High School. This is one of the very few original adaptation by Crunchyroll, which till now only co-produces anime. The upcoming anime will be based on Korean Manhwa of the same name which went super popular after Web-Toon released an English translation in 2014.

The anime was announced in February 2020 by the general manager of Crunchyroll herself. Fans weren’t able to contain their excitement as they have already saw the trailer of the anime earlier in the month and were waiting for the announcement desperately. Deca-Dence

The God of High School Release Date

The God Of High School manhwa is one of the few mangas that was rated highly by the critics and fans loved it. Crunchyroll put a smile on every fan’s face when they announced that the anime will release on 6, July 2020.  With new episodes being released every Monday. The anime will stream on Crunchyroll itself. No other secondary streaming site has been revealed by Crunchyroll.

The God of High School Plot/Story

By looking at the trailer the anime will follow the same storyline as its manga. The plot centers around Ji Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old from Seoul, South Korea. As a best in class youthful military craftsman, he is welcome to a monstrous territorial competition called ‘The God of High School’. And the winner of the competition will get his/her wish fulfilled by the organization of Park Mu-Jin, organizer of the tournament.

Members in the competition battle through “Acquired Power” (Charyeok in Korean), otherworldly vitality given by extraordinary substances, for example, divine beings or evil presences.

Without ruining anything else of the marvelous story, Mo-Ri battles his way through the competition and meets a cast of different contenders, each with their own remarkable battling style.

The new trailer, which presents few new characters, includes an elite sneak look at the opening and consummation melodies for the arrangement: “Logical inconsistency” (highlighting Tyler Carter) by KSUKE and “WIN” by CIX. The full-length rendition of “Logical inconsistency” will be discharged on July 3, with the TV adaptation following on July 7. CIX’s tune “WIN” will be additionally discharged on July 7.

The God of High School Characters 

There will be many characters in the anime but the trailer only showed us some of them. The five main characters that were shown were 

Han Daewi voiced by Kentaro Kumagai

Park Mujin voiced by Daisuke Namikawa

Yoo Mira voiced by Ayaka Ohashi

Jin Mori voiced by Tatsumaru Tachibana

Park Ilpyo whose voice actor is still not revealed

The God of High School Release Date

Understandably, lots of fans couldn’t contain their excitement at The God of High School getting its own anime series. However, it is the quality of the trailers that have really caused the excitement within the community – it looks slick, true to the material, and adrenaline-pumping!

Many fans went to social media right after the trailer release to express their excitement and to tell how good the trailer actually looks. Right after the success of Tower of God, this is the second Crunchyroll original of the year and by the reactions and the attention it is gathering it looks like it is also gonna be a success. Crunchyroll has also announced that the English dub of the anime will also be released in the near future.


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