The Importance of a Catchy Subject Line and Good Template in Email Marketing

There are over 7 billion people on the planet today, and about 5 billion of them have access to the internet, and around 80% of this internet-using population has an email address.

Emailing will forever hold its ground as the founding father of digital communication. Even with the emergence of new platforms like social media, video conferencing, and the likes, email has remained a stronghold in the digital communication scene.

Businesses and organizations are always looking for their next customer. Be it the entertainment industry, the sale of high-tech materials, or even life insurance, the never-ending need to connect with the next potential client is constant, and that’s why email marketing is essential.

Email marketing is simply the use of email to send promotional messages to people in bulk to secure them as a client, sell products, or generate leads.

Even today, email marketing is the most effective marketing medium, surpassing SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media year after year. But while it might seem like the perfect way to send your business to the next level, understanding it is key to your success.

This article will outline the importance of a catchy subject line and a good template in email marketing.


Subject Lines and Email Marketing: An Unbreakable Bond

Subject Lines are the first words readers see when a new mail pops in. You can equate them to an article headline or the title of a book. The subject line determines whether a mail will be read or moved to the trash.


Though email marketing has been ranked as one of the most efficient channels for marketing, statistics have shown that the global opening rates for emails are somewhat discouraging. According to reports, people only open 21% of the emails they receive. This stat is scary, but other findings state that people open emails with interesting subject lines. That’s a relief because now the ball is in your court, as you know the exact thing to do if you want to make your email marketing effective. A good subject line should be both informative and engaging. A perfect mix of both will guarantee you success.

Is There a Perfect Subject Line?

Many will tell you that there’s a specific way to create a perfect subject line, but there isn’t. Optimization is vital when it comes to subject lines, but if you try to please everybody, you’ll end up impressing no one.

It’s necessary to remember that every individual you send your mail to has a different life, personality, and history. Their reaction to things will be different, and the job of your subject line is to try to get to as many of them as possible. The good news is that data systems can now make it easier for you – so ensure you utilize them.

Using Different Subject Lines

As stated earlier, the perfect subject line does not exist. Entirely relying on a particular subject line is not a good idea. Startups and already established businesses are used to sending different subject lines (with differences in tone or language) to multiple segments of their target audience. The audience’s responses to these emails are documented and used in future marketing.

Good Email Templates and Its Influence on Email Marketing

There is so much to do in the business world and so little time to do these things. Businesses are now developing techniques to fasten processes and save time. Email template is one of those time-saving innovations. Email templates are pre-written or pre-designed emails used to send business emails to potential and retained customers.

The Importance of Email Templates in Email Marketing

Email templates are designed to make your email marketing job easier. There are many reasons why they are essential to every business. These reasons include:

  1. They are Time Savers

Several hours of email crafting can be saved by using a good email template. Editing and sending out a good template will barely take half an hour.

  1. Brand Consistency

Ten people cannot write one story the same way. Allowing employees to craft brand emails from scratch every time can be harmful to the brand’s perceived image. Something will always be different. It could be the tone of the conversation, text arrangement, or even the manner of approach. Good email templates eliminate those challenges and ensure your customers know your company mails when they see them.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective and Reduces Stress 

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive showed that employees could only handle a total of 50 emails per day. Most of them complained that after the 50 mark, they usually struggle to maintain quality. Employees can send out many emails and maintain quality with a good email template.

  1. Eliminates Human Error

Mistakes are common in all areas of life, and email creation is no exemption. While typing a mail, an employee might replace an ‘e’ with an ‘a’. Minor mistakes like this can go as far as damaging the company’s reputation, lowering its standard in the eyes of potential clients.

Good templates can help prevent this. The chances of an employee making mistakes are pretty slim with pre-arranged and pre-written content.

The Bottom Line

The stats do not lie, and studies show that 65% of the people who receive emails from brands make their decisions based on the subject line. To become a successful email marketer, you must make sure your subject line is informative, engaging, and offers a sense of urgency.

A perfect blend of these three can see the opening rates for your brand emails skyrocket. Even after you’ve gotten people to open these emails, the content should be engaging enough to retain their attention. Good templates take away the stress of composing different emails that might differ in quality and consistency.


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