The Myths of Racial Profiling in Colleges

It remains a paradox that in an age of enlightenment, free knowledge, and sharing information across the globe, we still maintain primitive prejudices about race, religion, or ethnicity. Maybe there are no more taboos about any issue but the reality of racial profiling is that it brings harm or damage to our community. Perhaps we should pause to think about why this is happening or how far is it spreading in our society, especially in our academic community. This remains an important issue because campus should be a place of tolerance, unity, and free-thinking, not racial paranoia or narrow-mindedness of any kind. What’s important is not turning a blind eye to any red flags that might go unnoticed or spread out like a virus thus becoming one big problem in the future. 

False Logic Of Racism

We fool ourselves that racial prejudices are a thing of the past because racism is a consequence of many things that we consider surpassed today, like intolerance or radical thinking. Unfortunately, arguments for racial profiling are still heard today, even in our university community where one would not expect it. This happens because we consider our academic population immune to these nuisances plus more tolerant or prone to critical thinking. Perhaps this remains true on an individual level but institutions as a whole can become infected with racial profiling for many reasons. Foreign students whose presence remains unknown publically may be mistaken for illegal aliens or even worse, gang members or interlopers, which remains a common occurrence these days. 

Racism works on a false presence that we can label a whole group of people with certain negative characteristics which is preposterous by itself as every essay on racial profiling suggests. Maybe it is, but this kind of false reasoning becomes appealing when the media creates an atmosphere of fear, paranoia, or mistrust among people and if you read any racial profiling essay you would agree with that. It remains tragic that despite all logical arguments stated in the racial profiling essay samples, university students still experience some degree of racism every day. Even young students acquainted with racial profiling essay examples can be seduced by populistic ideas that arise in times of economic crisis or social upheavals. It is upsetting that today, even if there are no special upheavals, racial profiling still survives for other reasons.

False News

We rely too much on social media or digital information when forming our opinions even about serious issues like the myth of police racism which can be dangerous. It undermines our critical thinking abilities plus it creates an atmosphere of intolerance, even at college campus ground. Students must meticulously evaluate today’s news sources so embracing scenes like police identifying foreign students on campus would not happen often. They should embrace the fact that opinions are constantly shifting from liberal to conservative so letting someone else form your opinion can be quite dangerous. Those writing everyday news may claim their expertise, but we must challenge their opinions especially when their tone becomes more radical.

Fun On-Campus

College is supposed to be a place of learning, having fun, or meeting new interesting people that will change your life. There is no place for prejudices based on race on campus, but if we wonder does racial profiling exist, the answer is affirmative. Mingling with folks of different races, ethnicities, or cultures remains one of the best things about college, but many minorities still may feel like they do not fit in completely. We mustn’t let university grounds become institutionally intolerant or some breeding ground for bigotry of any kind, but we must fight for that vision relentlessly. Maybe the best way is by reading some good essay on this issue plus throwing one great campus party where all prejudices will melt faced with the power of youth and free spirit. 

Once a racial fire breaks out, extinguishing it becomes one tedious task that requires patience and diligence before it spreads out destroying everything on its path. We can openly say that the evidence of racial profiling at any university is overwhelming but so is our determination to put a stop to this dangerous phenomenon. Warning students about all dangerous consequences of this issue is paramount, but finding real causes is even more important. It seems like today’s racial tensions are fueled by false information that spreads via social media and even students or college authorities are not completely immune to it. That is why explaining reasons why racial profiling is wrong remains just the tip of the iceberg as we must ensure that our academic community doesn’t become infected by this nuisance.

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