The top crypto industry trends all investors should be familiar with in 2024

The top crypto industry trends all investors should be familiar with in 2024

The cryptocurrency environment has been dealing with considerable ups and downs over the past few months, and the beginning of 2024 brought in renewed hope. The fact that prices could experience an imminent bull run caused many to want to invest more in their portfolios, before the ETH price spike takes the levels much further. But there’s much more to expect from the 2024 market, and being aware of the trends is crucial in the ever-changing environment. Here are some of the most critical trends investors should be aware of.

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Decentralized finance 

DeFi functionality has taken giant leaps over the past few years in moving from a highly niche environment to one that could one day merge with traditional markets. The new era of DeFi will usher in the beginning of on-chain compliance and move on from the speculative hype cycles that have ruled the ecosystem so far. This movement is expected to be one of the biggest and most significant breakthroughs of the year.

The previous cycles were largely fueled by the initial coin offerings, but the future requires better integration, usability and compliance. This is the mark of a more mature system, and the fluctuations that have defined cryptocurrencies so far could soon diminish in intensity and frequency. The fact that decentralized finance will take such a swift turn can seem like a change that came out of the blue, but it is nothing more than a natural progression for others.


Price predictions in the crypto environment are never a certainty. After all, the environment is well-known for its volatility. However, investors are still keen on predictions, and analysts are quick to offer their perspective. The estimations are typically based on historical data, as well as changes in macroeconomics and geopolitics. The personal level of optimism an analyst has also influences the predictions, so investors must be aware of the fact that they are still fundamentally subjective and, therefore, prone to changes.

2024 is projected to be a year of considerable growth in the crypto environment after the recovery that occurred in 2023. While the previous year was going smoothly, there were some hurdles on the road toward the end of summer and during September, a notoriously tricky month for cryptocurrencies. The integration of ETFs will also lead to higher engagement rates, as mass adoption is more likely to become a reality at the business and institutional levels.


Speaking of corporate involvement in the crypto environment, the trend for businesses in 2024 is to start moving towards crypto in growing numbers. While several brands, some of them being very well-known, high-profile industry leaders even, have already taken the first steps into crypto and the Web3 environment, developing their own NFT collections and allowing customers to pay with cyber coins, others have been reticent.

Crypto is still more or less a niche thing, but this year might be the one that changes this for good. The growing demand from institutions and corporations will undoubtedly boost innovation as well. The crypto space is already well-known for its propensity for development, and its integration into new environments naturally means that it will have to continue changing in order to meet demands and expectations.


Blockchains are enormous systems hosting immense amounts of data. But in order to function well, they also need scalability solutions. In the absence of these tools, the decentralized ledger becomes more challenging to navigate and prone to system failures. These events can impact the safety of transactions and could even cause capital loss among investors. It may mean that blocks cannot be processed completely, either.

Blockchain scalability means that transactions can be completed much more rapidly, that consensus is reached faster, and that data is stored more efficiently. It can also reduce the extra costs and fees associated with transactions. Most blockchains have faced scalability issues as the network attempts to process numerous transactions at the same time. Finding solutions is an ongoing process, but many expect 2024 to be the year when some big leaps will be taken in that direction.


Both traditional and crypto investors have been wary of the prospect of digital coins entering the market. The former believe that the assets are fundamentally unreliable and that their volatility would infect the other assets as well. The latter are concerned that integration in traditional systems will also mean more centralization and that this will destroy the soul of cryptocurrencies, which are based on decentralized systems.

However, it seems that the future will contain a blend of the two. The increased push for regulations is part of the initiative to make crypto easier to deal with and, therefore, ready for integration. There is also plenty of potential for an area of interoperability between Web2 and Web3. Realistically, both have something to learn from the other. Many people and companies are not familiar with Web3 yet. Some haven’t even heard about it. Using Web2 can make the systems more accessible and release the true potential of the technology.

Social media 

The crypto space is synonymous with hype and trends, and the most minor changes can affect it quite a lot. While for some, this is an undesirable outcome, others find it a rather exciting prospect. Social media has always played an essential role in the crypto world. Even those who aren’t traders know that only a few posts or a tweet can affect the prices quite significantly. In 2024, crypto prices are expected to still be driven by social media, but decentralized platforms are expected to become more popular as well.

There are many developers out there working to develop platforms that aren’t just on-chain entities, but which can enable transactions as part of social contexts. There’s still the risk of regulatory pressures, which is expected to remain an issue throughout the year. While there are victories, there are still lawmakers who would rather not see crypto enter the mainstream.

While prices are expected to grow this year, there are still several challenges the crypto space will have to overcome in 2024 in order to achieve success.

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