Latest News - The US Retail Industry scrambles for coal ahead of festive season

The US Retail Industry scrambles for coal ahead of festive season

The U.S Retail Industry Scrambles For Coal Ahead Of Festive Season

With the Covid-19 pandemic increasing in a depressing manner the people of the United States will have to face this holiday season where they would miss some of their items in their favorite list from the store while shopping. 

After the economy reopens when the pandemic slows down then also U.S retailers have to work hard to fulfill the production of the products in demand. This is when the people of America can enjoy their festive season.

Serious steps are been taken by many big-box chains and Walmart as well to port their own ships so that delays in the import could be recovered at West Coast. 

Other different plans have also been prepared to import the products before the festive season through air cargo from ships, and promotions and sales discounts will be announced so that people could get their favorite products. 

Neel Jones views on this –

As mentioned by Neel Jones Shah, global head of air freight at Flexport, which is a freight forwarding company a lot of companies since the last 30 days have decided to change their mode of importing products. 

He also said companies have to change their mode of operation or they have to miss their season sale to increase their sales figures which is usually during the festive season only. 

Founder of Chigaco-based position; global has also predicted that in spite of taking a lot of measures there is going to be a differentiable gap between what people demand and what is there in the store during the festive season. 

The U.S. retailers are trying their level best to plan in a proper way and work on different types of strategies to fulfill the gap. They are also trying to modify the disappointment that people face while shopping for their favorite products from the store. 

If we go by the U.S retail sales data which was released this Friday, there has been an increase in consumer activity for the month of September. 

Neil Saunder, the managing director of Global Data Retail, said that if we see from a demand side, this festive season is going to be very great wherein Retailers have to give big promotional sales so that they can equalize demand and supply. 

Shortages of the frontline workers have made it difficult for seasonal workers, to take the necessary steps to finish those gaps. 

President Joe Biden announced the commitment made by the Los Angeles Port at the White House that they are going to work more than 24 hours. 

Bryan Scheiber, manager of air cargo business development that he is not amazed by the fact that why there is a hike in prices of the product. 

He also mentioned that Companies are planning to hold the costs so that they can pass it to the consumers but there is no doubt about the increase in the price of the products to meet supply and demand. 

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