The US to partly lift Its travel restrictions abroad from november 8

The US To Partly Lift Its Travel Restrictions abroad From November 8

As announced by the White House, U.S will be partly lifting its travel restrictions abroad from November 8. This option is available for those people who are fully vaccinated and can travel by air. 

Big announcement by White House

Restrictions on travelers who need to travel for delivering essential items, for them things have been planned in advance since March 2020. They are the ones who are allowed to travel on a priority basis. This advantage is given to 30 more countries as well. 

Foreign Nationals who are fully vaccinated and reside in Canada and Mexico can travel through ferry crossings and land borders after November 8, as announced by the officials of the White House. 

The restrictions removed are not the same but are similar to the restrictions removed for international travelers last month. 

People who are still unvaccinated will still be restricted from entering Canada or Mexico through land borders. 

People who are fully vaccinated are allowed to travel for non-essential items in Canada and Mexico as well.

One another announcement was made by the White House on September 20 that the United States is going to lift restrictions in early November only from 33 countries which includes India, China, Brazil, and from the larger part of Europe. But the exact date of removing the restriction is not mentioned. 

Officials of the White House also announced that vaccination is a compulsion for foreign nationals who are willing to travel to Canada from other countries. 

Travelers who do not belong to the U.S will have to give their vaccination proof and it is a compulsion for them to test negative. Even foreigners who are willing to travel through the land borders are also required to give a negative report. 

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