The victory is impressive: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Toxic Win in Israel Election

The victory is impressive

The victory is impressive: Weeks after the recent elections remained unscathed, Benjamin Netanyahu had to go into Quarantine for some time.

He needed some time to get ahead of his competitors in tricks. He got this important time after the health minister of Israel, who was monitoring the response of Israel in the fight against the Coronavirus, was found positive for the Coronavirus.

The victory is impressive: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Toxic Win in Israel Election

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

Bibi crowning in isolation

After this, in the midst of crisis, ‘King Bibi’ (many supporters call him by this name) got another coronation. Due to the entire country being in lockdown, the pledge was done through a zoom video call, and it was signed at his official residence.

This is another episode of important events in the story of Benjamin Netanyahu. Amid allegations of corruption, he managed to break the political alliance that stood before him in three elections.

He has currently made his biggest rival Benny Gantz his main warlord. Protesters were seen standing in Tel Aviv keeping social distance.

Deal of Century Preparation

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

On the other hand, he joined the campaign to merge parts of the occupied West Bank to set the stage for the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ of US President Donald Trump. This was a fervent demand for the rightists of Israel, but this is expected to increase tension with the Palestinians.

But despite all this, the agreement he has made with Gantz seems to end Netanyahu’s era, at least on paper. Israel is divided on a large scale about the leader who was in power for the longest time.

Throughout the last year, Gantz set up an opposition movement on the basis of dissatisfaction arising among people about Netanyahu.

Who is Gantz?

The victory is impressive

The victory is impressive

Gantz is a former military chief. Gantz worked hard to overthrow Netanyahu by bringing together the policies of the right-wing and the Liberal Center. 

He worked on Netanyahu’s approach to breaking the image of the security guarantor and exposing corruption cases against him. He had announced in the elections that he would never share the stage with the Prime Minister facing corruption. Now Gantz has broken his oath.

He is justifying his step. He says that the country needs a stable government at the time of the coronavirus epidemic and that is why he is joining hands with Netanyahu.

What is the formula to run a government?

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

Netanyahu’s supporters continued to praise his economic management. He kept shouting his ‘Mr. Security-only Bibi’s image and slogans throughout the campaign.

An analyst says that there is a government in Israel, but it has not been able to overcome its ‘identity crisis‘.

The pair has made a rotation agreement. Accordingly, Netanyahu will be PM for the next 18 months, and Gantz will be the ‘alternate prime minister’. Initially, retired general Gantz will serve as a defense minister; later, he will become prime minister next year.

In the context of a political crisis this summer, Netanyahu is facing late trials for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust. He dismisses these allegations and calls them a political conspiracy to overthrow them.

After their meeting on Monday night, these two leaders said that they have agreed to form a ‘National Emergency Government’.

Netanyahu said that this alliance deal would help save people’s ‘lives and employment.

The fact is that this agreement has been delayed. Officials believe that they have successfully managed to stop the wave of Coronavirus in the country. But, now, situations like an economic emergency are arising. About one-fourth of the workforce of the country, i.e. more than 10 lakh, people have become the victim of unemployment.

Guarantee each other

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

The 14-page coalition document describes the mechanism of running the government for the next three years. At the same time, both people have been guaranteed that they will prevent the other from occupying power.

There are measures like this that prevent Netanyahu from holding another election. Also, through this, Gantz will not knock on the door of the Supreme Court until he is found guilty and appealed to the court on the charges against Netanyahu for his removal.

According to political analyst Yohanan Placener, the deal is like a ‘democratic ceasefire’. Yohanan leads the Israel Democracy Institute to think tank.

He is also among those who believe that Israel has partially sat down due to Netanyahu and his allies’ attempts to use political offices to get out of their legal problems.

He says, “Anti-Democratic law is not going to come in the near future.” He attributes this to the control of the Blue and White Party’s Justice Ministry and the committee that controls the laws.

What kind of government will it be?

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

According to Haaretz’s journalist Chemi Shalev, much of Gantz’s shift in control over the government shows a shift towards the center. Shalave says that this is an important and meaningful change in the politics of Israel based on religious nationalism or ultra-right policies.

He says, “The unlimited influence of ultra-orthodox parties and lobbies will also end.”

Palestinian leaders and Arab Israeli parties are criticizing a clause in the agreement stating that the cabinet decisions on Jewish settlements in the Occupied West Bank and other territories that impose Israeli sovereignty may come into force from 1 July.

These proposals reflect President Trump’s plan for peace in this area. This plan is heavily tilted towards Israel and Palestinians have rejected it.

These settlements are illegal according to international laws; however, Israel objects to this.

Palestinian response

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shatayeh has described this alliance deal as the basis of the ‘Israeli Annexation Government‘.

He has said, ‘This means the end of the solution of the two countries and the elimination of the rights of Palestinians established under international laws and proposals.’

According to the deal, any annexation proposal would require US support.

Placer says that this deal, it has been said to maintain the existing agreements with countries like Egypt and Jordan. Placer believes that this issue is on the agenda in this deal, but it is not clear how it will be done.

Allegations of cheating on Gantz

The victory is impressive
The victory is impressive

He says, “Gantz can apply the brakes, but he can’t pull the handbrake together.”

On the other hand, some of Gantz’s former colleagues are accusing him of cheating.

Yair Lapid, a former Blue and White co-leader, says, “This is the worst fraud in this country.” I was not sure that they would steal your vote and give it to Netanyahu.

Another MP, who had earlier supported Gantz in forming the government, accused him of becoming a ‘notch of a criminal’.

The Blue and White vehicle derailed. They failed to form the government on their own because they did not have a majority in Parliament. Or they had to form alliances with such groups who were their staunch opponents.

The Israeli people failed to decide Netanyahu’s fate thrice. Now Netanyahu has decided his own fate. At least for now.

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