Tinder Launches In-app Video Chat Option; Users are Excited, Check Details 2020

Tinder Launches In-app Video Chat Option

Tinder Launches In-app Video Chat Option: You may have heard of Tinder very well, and Tinder is a social media dating media app through which one can discover his/her partner. The app comes with a fundamental concept in which one can choose their partner just by swiping.

This is a swiping app, under which you can like photos of other users just by swiping. Then of those selected photos which match with your image is swiped right, and those who do not fit are swiped left. Thus with the help of this app, you can find your desired partner, interact with them, and if you want, you can also make him/her your spouse.

Tinder is a classic millennial app that has encouraged young people a lot to get to recognize people. Recently Tinder has decided to add another cool feature in the app. Well, the app is cool enough when we look at its user interface, and it works, but the more, the better. Therefore, manufacturers have decided to add the one-to-one video chat feature in this location-based app later this year.

Face-to-face, the new video chat feature allows you to commence a video call with your partner directly on Tinder, making dating from home much more comfortable. Looking at the current situation of the world, Tinder came up with this idea, and I think this invention would indeed work on users, and every tinder fan may like this video calling feature. Why use Whats-App and Duo for video calling getting your love interest, have a change try Tinder for once.

On asking the representatives of Tinder about this newly introduced feature, he stated that “2020, is the era of pandemic and we have to follow social distancing for a really long time. Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with video-calling features for our every tinder user.”

Tinder is quite famous among the youth, and on several occasions, people have witnessed the growing popularity of Tinder. Every second person in the world uses Tinder. Many believe that this social media dating app is playing an essential role in connecting people. Introducing the video-calling feature on Tinder, the authorities of Tinder has taken an excellent step, because this wants the youth were demanding. So let us just wait and watch how productive this feature can be in the coming time.

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