Tips to Get Arms License in Minnesota

Tips to Get Arms License in Minnesota

The midwestern U.S state Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety usually offers two separate categories of permits to its citizens-  the Permit to Carry and the Permit to Purchase or Transfer. However, the state of Minnesota also offers another exemption from this rule– An individual does not have to apply for a  permit to use and own shotguns, rifles or any hunting equipment. 

The two permits mentioned above i,e. The Permit to Carry and the Permit to Purchase or Transfer have different limitations, scopes of usage and application procedures. You will need to visit the correct department and ask for the correct application form and return it with aiding and other required information to either the Sheriff’s Office or the local Police Department. If one only wishes to make a one-time handgun purchase from a dealer or a supplier, one has to be able to apply for that permission directly at a licensed gun shop.

How to obtain a Permit to Carry Arms in Minnesota 

If someone wants to opt for the permit to carry, one can download a copy of the application, titled the “Uniform Firearm Application Permit to Carry a Pistol,” at the website of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. If one prefers to obtain a hard copy of the application form one can get a paper copy at any sheriff’s office.

After obtaining the copy one has to fill-up the form with extreme carefulness as a tiny error may lead to the rejection of the application. The application usually requires information regarding personal data which includes the individual’s name, birth date, current address, physical description and any identifying physical characteristics and their driver’s license or identification number. 

The application also asks for information regarding previous residential addresses for the past five years. The individual must also sign an authorization statement that will allow the licensing agency to conduct a background check to verify their eligibility to hold a firearm permit. The Minnesota Department of Human Services, which includes the Department of Public Safety, will carry out this process. 

After the required paperwork is done one must also pass a training course in the safe use of a handgun within one year before submitting your application for a permit to carry. 

After the requisite requirements are made, the completed application form must be presented to your local sheriff’s office, in the county in which one resides. Non-residents of Minnesota, who want to apply for a license to purchase or carry a gun in Minnesota, will need to go through the same application process but may submit the completed application to any sheriff’s office. The fee which is required for applying for a permit to carry is established by each local sheriff’s office and is not supposed to exceed $100. The fee for renewal can be a maximum of $75. After you have submitted your application, the state will conduct a background check, verify the information on the application, and decide on the license within 30 days. 

How to obtain a One-Year Permit to Purchase or Transfer a Gun?

You can download a copy of the application form online or get one at a local sheriff office. The form-fillup process is quite similar to the aforementioned process. Submit the completed application to the local county sheriff’s office. Unlike a Permit to Carry, this permit does not require a fee. 

After all the processes are done, wait for the police department to investigate and look into your application. If your application is cleared you will receive the license by mail.  

How to apply for a One-Time License to Purchase a Handgun?

If one only wants to make a single handgun purchase and does not already have a permit to carry or permit to purchase or transfer, one can apply for a permit directly at a licensed gun dealer. At the dealership, you will be instructed to complete a short application form pertaining to some requisite information. 

The dealer attains the information and proceeds with a federal background check through several sources. The dealer will notify the FBI. The FBI officials then check three sources — the National Crime Information Center, the Interstate Identification Index, and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Index.After all the information is verified, the dealer can hand you the license.

Hope you got the answer you were looking for. Thanks for reading.

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