Entertainment - Tollywood Actors Mahesh Babu & Varun Tej Konidela Celebrated Teachers Day 2020 Today

Tollywood Actors Mahesh Babu & Varun Tej Konidela Celebrated Teachers Day 2020 Today

A guru or teacher has a significant role in every human’s life. Be it any profession or art form, a teacher guides us through every darkness and leads to light. There is no one today how would not miss their Guru today and leave a chance in expressing their gratitude. This chance the celebrities have taken to wish their teachers and thank them for their guidance.

Tollywood Actors Mahesh Babu & Varun Tej Konidela Celebrated Teachers Day 2020

-Mahesh Babu:
Mahesh Babu is one of the first celebrities who wanted to express his gratitude to all the people who fought during the pandemic. He posted on Twitter, and he wrote, “Learning has bounds, thankyou to all the teachers who are trying to do their best. Ensuring that’s students receive all the support they need during the pandemic. He also said that he is grateful for everyone who has inspired him and even helped him learn. Watch his Twitter post here:


-Varun Tej Konidela:
After Mahesh Babu, Varun Tej Konidela expressed his gratitude towards all the directors he has worked with. He thanked them for being a significant part of his journey as an actor. He also made a twitter post for the same; check that here:


-Devi Sri Prasad:
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad remembered his greatest Guru and teacher on this day. He wrote in his Instagram post, “The Greatest GURU ever..Maestro Shri Mandolin Shrinivas Anna 🎶❤️🙏🏻
A pic of HIS that I Clicked when I was a Kid & used to keep experimenting with my Film Camera..
Upon my Request, He wore a Black shirt and posed ❤️
An Unforgettable Moment & a Pic that I cherish forever..
The BIGGEST AWARD for this PHOTO is that my GURU enlarged n framed this n hung it in his Room inspite of having great Photos Taken by Great Photographers from around the World..
This has been his Most Favourite❤️
He is the GREATEST GURU, who used to encourage any form of ART❤️🎶🙏🏻🎶❤️
Lov U dearest ANNA.”

-Uma Maheswara Rao:
He also made a twitter post and said that he is grateful for all the people who have been with him. And added that he is thankful for all the directors in his past, present, and future. You can again watch his post on Twitter, where he has shared a picture he back is facing on the wall, and his t-shirt says directors copy.


Many south Indian actors and superstars have wished their teachers and expressed their gratitude. Many have taken social media to express their love and respect. Don’t miss the chance to wish your Guru or teacher on this Teachers day. And for more updates, stay connected to world wire.

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