Top 10 Best Flight Simulators for Android

Flight Simulators make every person a pilot they once dreamed of. Right from flying passenger planes to military aircraft, this list will cover all awesome flight simulators for android devices. The games are ranked on the basis of their features and player ratings on the google play store.

Here we have the Top 10 Best Flight Simulator games for Android.

10. X-Plane Flight Simulator

X-Plane Flight Simulator
X-Plane Flight Simulator

X plane pilot simulator is not a game; it’s a simulator. Come experience how real pilots fly and why this game has the best realistic graphics with over 37,000 airports with more than 11,500 airports featuring 3d terminals, hangars, and more.

X-Plane Flight Simulator Features:

  • 9 free tutorials teaching the basics of takeoffs & landings. Traffic patterns, helicopters, & more.
  • 2-player internet multiplayer via Game Center
  • Fully interactive cockpits on many aircraft, wired to real systems models, with working gauges, displays, buttons, & switches
  • Full startup procedures are supported on many aircraft (optionally start any aircraft from cold & dark state)
  • More than 50 systems are modeled, each of which can be failed on command
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Combat missions

The app includes 2 free aircrafts “Cessna 172SP with full interactive cockpit + 4 liveries” and “Cirrus Vision SF50 with full interactive cockpit + 5 liveries”. Other aircraft like Boeing, Phantom and Raptor are available as in-app purchases.

Also, five sceneries Oahu, Hawaii Grand Canyon, Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, Juneau, Alaska, and Innsbruck, Austria, are available for free.

Size: 687 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.6 / 5

Price: Free

9. Flight 787 Advance lite

Flight 787 Advance lite
Flight 787 Advance lite

Flight 787 Advance lite has the most realistic flight simulator where you can fly B737, B787, B747, A400M, A380, MD-11, CRJ1000, f-16. Also, UH-1y helicopter simulators are also very realistic.

26 unique missions, 3d passengers 3d realistic cockpits air traffic 8 different camera angles radio talking system. High Definition Airport and Vehicles with Realistic Sound Effects and High-Quality Animations along with 108 Airplane themes.

Flight 787 Advance lite Features:

  • Autopilot, Flight Notes
  • Map Informations (Distance, Altitude, etc.)
  • Detailed information (Fuel, Oil and Engine Status)
  • Smart Computer Systems
  • Lights, Engines, Landing Gear, Flaps, Spoiler, Cabin Pressure, Automatic Runway Stabilizer controls)
  • Air brakes and Tire brakes
  • 4 Different Speed Level
  • Attitude and Status Monitors
  • Collect Waypoints
  • Random Flight Problems (Landing gear problems, Engine failure, etc..)
  • Stall System (Perdövites)
  • Change your airplane theme and your favorite airways
  • 24 Different time zones and weather (Rain, Night, Snow, Dusk, Rain, etc.)
  • Take Photo
  • Record gameplay video and share Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, g+, etc.
  • Online Scoreboards and Trophies.

Size: 282 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.6 / 5

Price: Free

8. Flight Simulator 2015 FlyWings

Flight Simulator 2015 FlyWings
Flight Simulator 2015 FlyWings

This is one of the most advanced flight simulations developed for your Android with improved physics. Realistic terrains are created using photos and elevation from NASA. They are using NASA utility FoilSim 3 to calculate the physics of the airplane.

You get to fly your aircraft over Paris and France.

You get to choose two of the most famous airports in the world and fly with 10 aircraft, over 250 different missions!

The game also simulates weather conditions with a clear sky, thunderstorms, turbulence, and more!

You can become an airline pilot, private pilot, skilled military pilot, or an acrobatic pilot.

Flight Simulator 2015 FlyWings Features:

  • 10 aircraft
  • 250 missions
  • Exclusive missions depend on your aircraft!
  • Detailed airports
  • A detailed world, with trees, clouds, and rivers
  • Functional instruments
  • Two types of controls: accelerometer or touch to control the aircraft
  • Dynamic instruments

Planes to choose from:

  • Boing B747-8F Freighter
  • Boing B747-8i
  • Boing B757-300
  • Boing B777-9X
  • Airbus A380
  • Airbus A320
  • SpaceBus OV100
  • GA MQ9 Rapine Drone
  • Cezna 172SP SkyEagle

Size: 116 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.7 / 5

Price: Free

7. Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator
Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight offers you the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. You get to explore high-definition scenery in regions from around the world with a diversified inventory of detailed aircraft, managing each Flight by choosing your weather conditions, aircraft weight configuration, and time of day.

Best Flight Simulators for Android Features

  • Tons of aircraft in a varied fleet of airliners, general aviation, and military aircraft
  • Multiple regions featuring accurate topography, high definition satellite imagery, and all major airports with taxiway layouts and precise runway
  • Customizable time and weather conditions (real-time or custom)
  • A realistic atmosphere with the moon, sun, and stars
  • Autopilot (supports control of all flight parameters, NAV mode to follow your flight plan and auto land on select aircraft)
  • Easy-to-use flight planning system with accurate fixes and Navigational Aids
  • Engine startup and shutdown
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Advanced replay system
  • Weight and balance configuration
  • Aircraft cockpit and door animations, suspension animations, and wing flex on select aircraft.

Size: 23 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8 / 5

Price:  $0.99 / ₹85.00

6. Extreme Landings

Extreme Landings
Extreme Landings

This game will test your piloting skills and make you handle the toughest and most critical flight conditions known to a person.

Overcome with incidents and emergencies inspired by real-life scenarios and frameworks in a climactic adrenaline rush.

Start each and every engine individually, then navigate between your equipment dashboard panels and also be ready to solve more than 5,000 possible situations in order to reach the highest pilot ranking.

This simulator includes 36 missions to accomplish, 216 challenges to pass, cartography, and worldwide navigation with over 500 accurate airport replicas as well as real-time weather conditions.

Extreme Landings Features:

  • 36 missions (6 free + 30 available for purchase)
  • 216 challenges where 6 of which in global competitions (18 included + 198 available for purchase)
  • 20 HD airports (4 free+ 16 more available for purchase)
  • 5 fault levels and Fast landing mode with global competition
  • Instrument Landing System, ILS
  • Speed autopilot, Altitude, Route and Vertical speed – Primary Flight Display
  • Navigation Display
  • Weather Radar for managing Ice and wind and Microburst
  • Advanced engine system with faults and fire safety and also ignition
  • Fuel management with Jettison, real consumption, and weight balancing.

Extreme Landings Additional Features:

  • Landing gears management is possible with a manual unlocking system
  • Total control of the rudder, flaps, reversers, and spoilers
  • APU management
  • Worldwide navigation with 548 airports and 1107 usable runways, real or customizable weather conditions (available for purchase)
  • Cartography with over 8000 waypoints (VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, FIX)
  • Automatic Flight Planning Configuration
  • Cinema replay system
  • 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instrumentation
  • SRTM30 Plus real terrestrial elevation
  • MODIS VCF real coastline
  • OpenWeatherMap real-time weather conditions

Size: 436 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 4 / 5

Price:  Free or $45.99, i.e., ₹3500

5. Airline Commander

Airline Commander
Airline Commander

In this game, you have to create the best airline in the world and manage dozens of airliners.

You get to fly from the main hubs to open thousands of routes towards all the major airports of the world.

You earn from contracts, completing takeoffs, landings, taxiing, and exciting challenges in hundreds of airports with realistic runways and high-definition regions.

Also, there are hundreds of licenses available to improve your skills. You will learn how to use all the aircraft controls and how to cope with emergencies, faults, and unfavorable weather dynamics. The more you will improve, the more you earn with your airline.

Airline Commander Features:

  • 100+ realistic airports and runways. Airports and regions with high-definition satellite images, maps, and worldwide navigation
  • 1000+ different situations to handle during takeoff, landing, and all taxiing and airborne phases
  • Real-time air traffic (RTAC), with real airlines, on the ground, and in Flight
  • Simplified flight system with flight simulation for advanced users and navigation help for newbies
  • Realistic SID/STAR takeoff procedures and landing procedures with pushback system, taxiing, and the possibility to dock at the finger with individual display
  • Compete against airlines and pilots from all around the world to prove you’re the best
  • Real different times of the day with sun, moon, stars, and real-time weather conditions
  • Customizable airline livery

Technical details of the flight simulator:

  • Control tower communication to manage air traffic and provide assistance
  • Takeoffs and landings from basic to advance and with Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Primary Flight Display and Navigation Display
  • Advanced engine system with startup, faults, and fire suppression
  • Fuel management with weight balancing, fuel dumping, real consumption, stall, APU, and engine pressure
  • Autopilot with control of all flight parameters: altitude, speed, heading, and vertical speed
  • Failure of sensors, instruments, ASM, fuel tanks, landing gear, and engines
  • Malfunction of flaps, rudder, air brakes, and radar
  • Hydraulic faults, tire problems, fire on board
  • Wind, turbulence, and fog with various levels of severity
  • Ice and severe frost with ANTI-ICE system
  • Weather Radar to manage microbursts and faults caused by lightning

Size: 293 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 4 / 5

Price:  Free

4. Take Off Flight Simulator

Take Off flight Simulator
Take Off flight Simulator

In this game, you get to fly more than 20 airplanes in an open world or try out more than 40 exciting and diversified missions right from dramatic rescue operations to airfreighting.

You can also establish your own airline company and fly to cities such as New York, London, Sydney, and 18 other destinations. You will fly the most popular models of airplanes, such as seaplanes, jumbo jets, and a military jet with authentically designed 3D-looking cockpits.

Experience the challenging weather conditions and try to land your plane safely with an engine failure!

Take Off Flight Simulator Features:

  • Fly 24 different airplanes with realistic 3D displayed cockpits
  • Explore and enjoy the amazing open-world map of Hawaii in a free flight game mode
  • 50 exciting and challenging missions available right from rescue operations to sightseeing
  • Fly towards and over 21 renowned airports around the globe
  • Start your own airline industry and expand your fleet of planes
  • Customize your beast of planes with various paint jobs and upgrade your fleet for better handling and performance
  • Master the hard challenges like bad weather landings or engine failures

Size: 631 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.1 / 5

Price:  Free

3. Flight Sim 2018

Flight Sim 2018
Flight Sim 2018

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to pilot legendary jet airplanes?

In-Flight Sim 2018 you will have an open world map to explore all around the world, with a selection of realistic airplanes. You will enjoy the fully submersive experience provided by great and easy flight controls, realistic sound effects and interiors, a full day-night cycle, and testing weather conditions.

In this Flight Simulator, you are allowed to fly across the world between a large selection of existing cities and airports. You need to prove yourself as the best pilot when faced with challenging landings!

Flight Sim 2018 Features:

  • Dozens of airplanes to choose from
  • Open World Map of the entire world
  • Amazing Day-Night Cycle
  • Realistic Flight Controls (buttons or lever and tilt steering )
  • Realistic Plane Cockpits
  • Very dynamic Weather conditions
  • Challenging Landing tasks and missions
  • Accurate sounds of engines
  • Internal flight radio communications
  • Plenty of customizations

Size: 285 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.1 / 5

Price:  Free

2. Real Flight Simulator

Real Flight Simulator
Real Flight Simulator

By playing this game, you will live a once-in-a-lifetime experience flying in every part of the world and exploring scenic beauties and airports in HD with satellite maps, runways, 3D buildings,  air traffic, and procedures.

Jump on board of (RTF) real-time flights, talk with other pilots, and join them in multiplayer mode. Manage your flight schedules and interact with ATC controllers. Also, get access to thousands of community-created liveries, and customize all airplanes, their gauges, failures, and weather conditions.

Basically, you will become a real pilot!

Real Flight Simulator Features:

  • ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: personalize your instruments and gauges
  • AIRCRAFT: Custom liveries, 3D live cockpit, working parts, and lights
  • INSTRUMENTS: PFD, ND, FMS, Map, Engines, Fuel, Altimeter/Anemo
  • INDICATORS: Air/Ground/Vertical Speed, Heading, Altitude AGL/ASM, ETE Next/Dest, Destination, Next WP, Nearest Airport, Ground/OAT Temp, Wind, Activity/Flight/UTC/Local/Arrival Time, Fuel, N1, V-Speeds and more
  • LS Instrument Landing System
  • CONTROLS: Main Throttle, Flaps, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Brake, Rudder, and Pushback
  • ENGINES: Start/Stop Engines, Separated Throttles, ANTI FIRE
  • FUEL: Weight balancing, fuel dumping, and real fuel consumption
  • MAP: air topography with airports and waypoints. Detailed airport view (HD Airport) + FMC and flight plan


  • 35 HD: High res satellite imagery, lifelike 3D buildings, taxiways and departure, arrival and approach procedures, PBB and VDGS
  • 500 SD: Runways, 3D buildings, and departure and approach procedures
  • 14000 LD: Runways and departure and approach procedures
  • Ground and air traffic

Size: 274 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.3 / 5

Price:  Free

1. Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D
Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D


Turboprop Flight Simulator is a 3D airplane simulator game, featuring planes derived from the Airbus A400M Atlas tactical airlifter, the ATR 42 / ATR 72 regional airliners, and a concept VTOL aircraft XV-40.

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D Features:

  • Pilot three awesome versions of the military aircraft: tactical cargo, spec-ops, and coastguard.
  • Pilot the two big regional airliners, also an airborne early warning military alternative.
  • Pilot the Tilt-Wing VTOL aircraft (both in vertical helicopter-like mode and in airplane mode)
  • Learn to fly with the help of training missions (the basics of flying, takeoff, and landing, and taxiing).
  • Complete many interesting missions.
  • Explore and experience the plane’s interior in first-person (FPP) (in free-flight and most other levels).
  • Interact with various objects(doors, strobes, main lights, and cargo ramp).
  • Drive ground vehicles too.
  • Load, unload, and airdrop vehicles and supplies with the cargo planes.
  • Land and take off on challenging runways and airports.
  • Explore or create flight routes on the map without restrictions in free-flight mode.
  • Fly in different time-of-day settings, which are customizable.

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D Other Features:

  • Amazing 3D graphics (with intricately detailed cockpits for all the airplanes).
  • Practical physics for flight simulation.
  • Overall pilot controls (includes rudder, spoilers, flaps, thrust reversers, landing gear, and auto-brakes).
  • Multiple controller options (includes stick/yoke and mixed tilt sensor).
  • Multiple visual cameras (including cockpit cameras with captain and copilot positions).
  • Close to realistic engine sounds (turbines and propeller noises recorded from real airplanes).
  • Partial and total aircraft destruction (clipping wing tips, full wings separation, tail separation, and main fuselage breakage).
  • Several islands with many airports.
  • Selection of measurement units for airspeed, flying altitude, and distance (metric, aviation standard, and imperial).

Size: 50 MB

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.4 / 5

Price:  Free

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