Top 3 Internet and TV Bundles to Get In 2024

Let’s be honest, our lives would be extremely bland if it weren’t for internet and TV. Not only are they important to stay entertained, but also help you stay connected to the world as well as socialize with friends and family.

There are so many internet and TV providers, which means that choosing one for both can be tricky. So, in this article, I share my picks for the best internet and TV providers in 2024.

  • Why Choose an Internet and TV Bundle?
  • Xfinity
  • Spectrum
  • Optimum

Why Choose an Internet and TV Bundle?

There are a lot of advantages to choosing an internet and TV bundle. These include:

  • Reduced Bills: one of the best parts of opting for internet and TV bundles is that you can reduce a good chunk of the bills you pay as you don’t have to pay separately for broadband and TV services.
  • Convenience: You’re going to go through a lot of hassle when dealing with multiple providers for TV, internet, and phone. When you choose one provider for all, you can forget about having to pay different bills or deal with the customer service of multiple providers.
  • Reduced Clutter: When you opt for multiple providers, each of them will install their connection cables and devices. With a single provider, you will get one cable for all services.
  • Scalability: Most providers allow customers to create their bundles which means that you can choose the type of package you need. Let’s say you need ultrafast internet but don’t watch a lot of channels, you can simply adjust your plan which will help you save some money as well.

Now let’s explore the service providers through which you can get the best internet and TV bundles:


Xfinity already offers great internet at a low cost that starts at $20 per month. However, you can add even more value by bundling TV with Xfinity Internet plans.

The basic bundle gets you internet with fast download speeds as well as some of the basic channels you can watch. However, if you’re looking for more value, we recommend getting the higher-tiered bundles which has more than a hundred channels and fast internet speed which is enough for a household of six people. These bundle plans also include phone plans with unlimited dialing. 

You can get monthly savings with bundles as well which can make Xfinity’s services a great option for users looking for internet and TV bundles in one neat package. However, keep note that Xfinity tends to hike their prices every one or two years.

Disclaimer: The plans and their pricing are subject to change and availability.


Spectrum is one of the leading brands providing cable TV and internet in the US. They offer bundles that offer phone, TV, and internet, all packed in one nice package.

The basic package offers more than 150 channels. For a little more, you can get the high-tiered bundle that offers extremely fast download speeds with more than 150 channels.

Spectrum also offers contract buyout offers for people who have signed up for providers with contract termination fees. You can download the TV app as well as get access to free WiFi hotspots while travelling.

Disclaimer: The plans and their pricing are subject to change and availability.


Optimum provides some of the fastest and most reliable TV and internet services across 21 states in the US.

If you want their basic TV and internet bundle, you can go for the bundle which includes fast download speeds and more than 220 channels. The best part is that even the basic bundle doesn’t have any data caps.

For the best value, Optimum bundles also offer download speeds of up to 500 Mbps with more than 340 channels or even gig speeds with more than 400 channels! Upgrading to the three-tiered bundle gets you unlimited nationwide calling.

Disclaimer: The plans and their pricing are subject to change and availability.

Not all service providers are the same. Some offer better channel selection whereas some provide better and cheaper internet deals. So, when choosing an internet and TV bundle, make sure you choose the one that fulfills your needs. Make sure your internet needs are met and the channels provided in the TV plans are the ones you want to watch.


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