Top 6 bank robbery movies of all time; know all details:

Top 6 bank robbery movies of all time

Bank heists or robbery has been playing a very fundamental role in the film. Most of the film has theft has a significant plot. These genre films are filled with excitement, thrill, and so much more. Often, the robbers get caught, but the thrill continues, and the end becomes even more appealing. So here is a list of the top 10 bank robbery movies of all time.

Top 6 bank robbery movies of all time:

1-Bonnie and Clyde:

An old classic film that was a sensation during its time. The story is about a famous couple who, during the Great Depression, dedicated to stealing banks. The crimes in this movie are pretty brutal and intense, but it is still one of the best crime and robbery movies to date. It starts off relatively standard, but the things that happen later bring in the thrill.

2-This Town:

A band of criminals is stealing the banks in Boston, and the mastermind behind this is Doug MacRay. The story takes a very different turn when a hostage Claire, falls in love with him. Doug takes her as a hostage in one of his robberies, hoping to get more information out, but she ends up falling in love, and then the story further progresses.

3-The Bank Job:

This story is based on real events from the year 1971. This is one of the best bank robbery movies of all time and talks about Lloyd’s bank’s robbery in London. A band of thieves carries out the theft very precisely, taking out the money and jewels. Besides this, they also find out a file that involves cases of corruption involving high government officials and a member of the royal family.

4-Inside man:

A group of men dressed in hoodies enter in a New York bank and take everyone hostage. Detective Keith Frazier is in charge of the investigation, but things doesn’t exactly turn out according to his plan. Everything gets even more complicated when a woman enters the scene hired by the bank’s director, and she keeps is a safe deposit box a secret.


The movie’s story revolves around Stanley Jobson, one of the best hackers in the world just got released from jail. He is prohibited from touching a computer, but he is forced by a terrorist to decode a secret code. Their objective is to steal from banks billions of dollars that belong to the US government.


The story of Heat revolves around Neil McCauley, a brilliant criminal who leads thieves and robbers. He plans a final robbery so that he can retire and leave, but everything gets complicated. During his last theft, a brilliant detective crosses his way, and it is a battle between two extraordinary minds. The story is very gripping and will leave you wanting more.

These are the top 6 movies with a thrilling plot involving heists. These movies are classic and quite old, but still the best movies to binge on if you haven’t watched them already. To know more about such exciting topics, stay tuned to world wire.

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