Entertainment - Train to Busan 2 Peninsula Trailer, Sequel Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, & Details

Train to Busan 2 Peninsula Trailer, Sequel Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, & Details

Train to Busan 2 Peninsula Trailer, Sequel Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, & Details: As if the current hatred of the truth was not enough for you, another trailer for the South Korean zombie movie “The Train to Busan Sequel: The Peninsula,” a sequel to the 2016 film element, was released.

Well Go USA Entertainment has released the official sequel trailer, offering a new version of the much more truly crazy movie after being released from 2020.

Train to Busan 2

The official release date for the movie “Train to Busan”: The peninsula has not yet been established, but the team behind the creation of a clique of the most beloved scientific HallyuLife regarding the upcoming continuation and pushing for a release in mid-2020.

You can watch the full trailer for yourself in the player at the top and read the movie shown below.

“Four years after the complete devastation of South Korea in the Train to Busan, the zombie’s spine, which entertained observers around the world, will reduce the famous leader Yon San Ho introduces us to the cape, the next part with nails in his world of dystopia.

Train to Busan 2 Trailer

Jung-Seok, a warrior who recently escaped from exterminated no man’s land, again faces horror when he was endowed with secret activities with two direct objectives: to recover and survive.


The moment his group suddenly discovers survivors, their life will depend on whether the best or most terrible human instinct wins in a dreary situation. “

Busan’s First Train is 94% new to Rotten Tomatoes and has become the main and beloved critic of the adored since its display.

Train to Busan 2 Story

The film’s devotees will be thrilled to learn that executive director San Ho Yun has taken the camera again and, besides, composed the content with his unique co-author Ju-Sook Park.

Regrettably, none of the artists from the first film will return to the film with Korean characters on the screen Gang Dong-won, Jung Hyun Lee, and the young character on the screen Lee Re, all participated in the new troupe. If you accidentally did not see this additional trailer, then that it looked like Mad Max with a zombie, it was purposeful.

Train to Busan 2 Peninsula Trailer, Sequel Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, & Details

San Ho Yon told Screen Daily about his influence on the film, citing George Miller’s dystopian position, just like the startling film from George Romero’s zombie ace, the offended Land of the Dead.

“The possibility of creating an anti-utopian world – which would be wild, but at the same time old or murdered today, with its principles, was charming to me,” said the executive director.

“There could be many stories that could continue to grow from this world. It is horrible, detached, and extraordinary, but with the desire for salvation and humanism, as well as the way world forces see it. There would be tons of material at a much higher cost. “

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