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Transition Us Formally Established

The organisation Transition US, founded informally in May 2008 by co-founders Pamela Gray and Jennifer Gray, has recently achieved official status.

After receiving funding from the Post Carbon Institute and additional contributions from a private investor, Transition US has become a non-profit organisation, chosen a five-person board of directors, established a location in Sebastopol, increased the scope of its training division, and hired Carolyne Stayton as an interim executive director.

For Transition Initiatives around the country, Transition US offers motivation, assistance, networking, and training. Local organisations called Transition Initiatives are trying to give their communities the resources they need to become more resilient in the face of the economic crisis, climate change, and depletion of fossil fuels. In order to assist the development and expansion of the Transition Movement worldwide, Transition US collaborates closely with the UK-based Transition Network (

The transition and Transition US collaborate.

All 50 States and several municipalities within them are represented on social networking sites that have been created specifically for the US. These websites offer chances for people who are interested in the Transition Movement to network with one another and share thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.

A core team of Transition Trainers that can deliver training across the US was created after Transition US introduced a new training programme in the US in December 2008. Since the year’s commencement, 22 more trainings have been organised around the country, bringing the total number of persons who have completed the basic Training for Transition in the United States to 350. Graduates of the programmes are actively engaging with local residents to assist them regain their sense of self-reliance and communal resilience.

In the coming months, Transition US will unveil a brand-new website, make a number of new project announcements, and set the date for its first national Transition Conference.

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