Trump Hush-Money Trial Judge May Add More Fines for Breaking Gag Order

Trump Hush-Money Trial Judge May Add More Fines for Breaking Gag Order

In a New York court, prosecutors are pushing for additional fines against former President Donald Trump for violating a gag order in his hush money trial.

This request follows a more than $9,000 fine imposed earlier for Trump’s social media posts criticizing the jury selection process and targeting a key witness, his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The prosecutors seek an extra $4,000 penalty, arguing Trump’s actions would ruin the integrity of the trial.

These developments highlight the tensions surrounding Trump’s legal battles and raise questions about the impact of his public statements on judicial proceedings.

On Tuesday, Justice Juan Merchan warned that he could potentially imprison Donald Trump if he continues disobeying the gag order.

He suggested that the fines specified by New York law, which amount to $1,000 per violation, might not be sufficient to prevent a prominent figure like Trump.

The gag order’s purpose is to prevent Trump from intimidating witnesses, jurors, and others involved in his trial.

However, it doesn’t prohibit him from criticizing the prosecutors or the judge overseeing the case.

Further, Trump argues that the gag order restricts his freedom of speech and prevents him from defending himself against political attacks.

He maintains his belief that prosecutors are collaborating with President Biden to undermine his chances of reclaiming the presidency.

Additionally, Trump alleges a conflict of interest on the part of Justice Juan Merchan due to Merchan’s daughter’s involvement with Democratic politicians.

The allegations against Trump involve accusations of altering business records to conceal a payment made to a***t film actress Stormy Daniels just before the 2016 presidential election.

Trump Hush-Money Trial Judge May Add More Fine for Breaking Gag Order
Trump Hush-Money Trial Judge May Add More Fines for Breaking Gag Order

Lawyer Keith Davidson testified that Daniels had offered her account of a past encounter with Trump to various media outlets while Trump was facing other allegations of s****l misconduct.

Trump raised a statement of not guilty and denies having engaged in s**al activity with Stephanie Clifford, who is known professionally as Stormy Daniels.

As the trial resumes, Judge Merchan will assess whether Trump breached the gag order on multiple occasions the previous week.

These potential breaches include Trump referring to Michael Cohen as a “liar” and describing David Pecker, another witness, as a “nice guy” in interviews with the media.

Furthermore, prosecutors argue that Trump’s remarks in a television interview, where he commented on the speedy jury selection process and asserted that the majority of the jury were Democrats, also constitute a violation of the gag order.

Trump is facing three separate criminal prosecutions, although it’s uncertain if any will proceed to trial before the upcoming November 5th presidential election.

Two of these cases involve allegations of Trump attempting to overturn the 2020 election results against Joe Biden, while the third accuses him of mishandling classified documents post-presidency.

Trump maintains a plea of not guilty in all three cases.

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