Trump Rips Biden’s ‘Caving’ To China And Showing ‘Stunning Incompetence’ In Afghanistan

President emeritus Donald Trump bluntly criticized Joe Biden recently for his devastating foreign policy failures in 2021, hailing Biden’s leadership an accumulation of “weakness, humiliation, and putting America last.”

Trump calls Biden’s administrative standpoint ‘mortifying.’

In one of a series of lengthy statements released through Trump’s Save America super PAC, the 45th president chronicled Biden’s “mortifying” actions in the White House, raining hellfire on him for everything from his “backstabbing” behavior toward Israel to his “bitter betrayals” of America’s allies.

Joe Biden, whose first year in office has been marred by record-level inflation, tepid job growth, tyrannical vaccine mandate policies, and a horribly botched Afghanistan withdrawal, drew President Trump’s ire in his statement on his “shameful weakness” on handling China.

Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States experienced “peace, calm, and stability in the world because people RESPECTED America,” Trump stated. In contrast, there has been “No accountability on the Virus, ” with Biden,” Trump continued. “Biden[s] team openly MOCKED and insulted Chinese diplomats.”

Covid has ‘no federal solution’- says Biden

Biden, who campaigned in 2020 mainly on the promise to “shut down” the coronavirus in American society, has now stated, according to the New York Post, that there is “no federal solution” for solving Covid during a meeting with multiple state governors.

To make matters worse, National Review reported that over 400,000 Americans have died due to Covid since Biden took office, bringing the national death toll to over 800,000 people.

“Yes, Joe, China is indeed eating your lunch” -Trump

Trump also criticized Biden on his policy regarding China, saying, “Yes Joe, China is indeed ‘eating your lunch….’ It’s no wonder Joe Biden was China’s choice for president: He supported giving them the most favored nation trade status, celebrated their entry into the WTO and during his vice presidency repeatedly lauded the Chinese regime.”

Trump also pointed out that Biden has refused to bring up China’s refusal to cooperate with an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus and has also refused to concede to the demand of teamwork from President Xi Jinping.

Biden’s “stunning incompetence” is the cause behind Aghanistan exit, says Trump

Trump also eviscerated Biden’s foreign policy shortcomings in Afghanistan. Trump touted Biden’s “stunning incompetence” paved the way for “a horrific terrorist attack,” resulting in the deaths of 13 American troops and more than 180 civilians. 

Further, Trump rained hellfire on Biden for leaving “hundreds” of American citizens behind enemy lines after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban as a result of U.S. troops’ withdrawing and surrendering “tens of billions of dollars in U.S. military hardware to the Taliban – which is now among the best-equipped militaries in the world.” 

In his statement, the 45th president also reminded everyone that Biden proceeded to annihilate innocent Afghan civilians in a “disastrously failed airstrike” spearheaded by General Milley following the botched withdrawal, resulting in the deaths of ten civilians, seven of whom were children.

“Biden’s Afghanistan debacle was the POLAR OPPOSITE of President Trump’s strength and conditions-based approach,” the statement concluded. “This calamity would NEVER have happened under President Trump – and everyone in the world knows it.”

Indeed, most Americans are wondering when Joe Biden’s carnival of national and international embarrassments will end, paving the way forward for an exciting 2022 midterm election season for the GOP and President Trump as conservatives attempt to wrangle political control away from Biden, who has allegedly been “asleep on the job.” 

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