Trump’s Arizona Rally Guest list

President emeritus Donald J. Trump will hold a rally in Arizona in January; a political action committee called Save America that is affiliated with the 45th president announced Thursday. The rally will be the former president’s first since he appeared at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines in October. 

Mr. Trump is touting 2022 as his comeback year, and this will be his first rally for the new year. The stakes are stacked sky-high in this election year for Republicans in general and Mr. Trump in particular as he is being hailed as ‘more than the leader of the Republican party, but the pioneer of a revolution in America.’

There will be a lot of great speakers’ –Lindell.

While the official guest list is not yet confirmed, there will be a ‘lot of great speakers,” says Mike Lindell. 

“There’s a lot of great speakers. They were crammed in,” Lindell was quoted saying. “They said there’s gonna be 30,000 people. I say there’s gonna be 60 to 70,000. It’s gonna be huge.”

Mike Lindell slated to Arizona rally’ ‘pre-show hype man.’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he’s slated to be one of the opening acts at former President Donald Trump’s January 15 rally. 

“I will be speaking in the pre-rally,” Lindell said. Lindell announced the Wednesday evening edition of “The Lindell Report,” a nightly broadcast on Frank Speech’s website

Speaking to Insider on Wednesday night, Lindell said he was initially planning to get tickets to the Trump rally like “everyone else,” but decided to approach Trump’s team to see if he could get on stage to say a few words and give a “short message of hope.”

Insider has reached out to Trump’s team to confirm that Lindell will be speaking at the January 15 event. 

Lindell’s speech will probably be ‘a message of hope.’

“Most of my speeches are, you know, evangelical. I’m gonna speak out and probably give people a message of hope. I expect a huge, huge crowd,” Lindell said. 

Lindell added that he had approached the Trump team and asked for a slot to give a speech.  

“I’m speaking at an event (in Arizona) the day before, so it lined up pretty well. I asked his event team if a few minutes can speak, and they let me know this week that I have a few minutes,” Lindell said.

“I’ve been to probably 30, 40 rallies,” Lindell added. “Usually, I just go there and take pictures, meet people, and talk to the media.” 

The pillow executive added that he wasn’t sure what he was going to say at the rally because he “doesn’t plan anything.”  

Kari Lake is a confirmed attendee of the Arizona rally

While Lindell’s address at the Arizona rally is yet to be confirmed, Kari Lake, one of several Republican candidates for governor in Arizona, announced her attendance for the upcoming rally on Twitter. The former president endorsed her in late September. 

Lake’s official declaration of attendance on Twitter reads as follows:

President Trump is coming to Florence, Arizona, on Jan 15 for a Rally. 

There’s a state prison in Florence…

LIKE if you think the 2020 Arizona elections were Corrupt. 

RETWEET if you want those responsible to be held accountable.”

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