Trump’s New York Hush Money Trial to Begin April 15

Trump's New York Hush Money Trial to Begin April 15

A Manhattan judge declared on Monday that the first of Donald Trump’s four criminal trials would start on April 15.

The trial was originally scheduled to start on March 25, but due to a last-minute document dump, the first-ever trial of a former president had moved from its scheduled Monday start to April 15.

As he campaigns to win back the White House, former President Donald Trump is facing four felony indictments in four different cities, stemming from accusations of trying to overturn a lost election to unlawfully storing confidential materials at his Florida resort.

The 91 felony counts in the cases are moving through the courts at different paces.

The first trial, scheduled for Monday, has now been postponed due to Trump’s attorneys’ claim of over 100,000 pages of potential evidence.

A recent overflow of pages of evidence from a prior federal investigation into the topic caused Trump’s lawyers to object, and the trial, which involved allegations related to hush money paid during his 2016 campaign to conceal claims of marital infidelity, was put on hold.

According to Trump’s attorneys, The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg deliberately neglected to follow up on evidence from the 2018 federal investigation that resulted in the sentencing of Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen.

They said that prosecutors under Democrat Bragg did this to hurt Trump’s chances of winning the election and obtain an unfair edge in the case.

In a Monday hearing, Merchan became enraged with the defense’s assertions, arguing that neither the U.S. attorney’s office nor the DA’s office was obligated to provide the records or gather evidence from the federal investigation.

Trump New York Hush Money Trial to Begin April 15
Trump’s New York Hush Money Trial to Begin April 15

The judge also described the actions of the Manhattan prosecutors as a “far cry” from “injecting themselves in the process and vehemently and aggressively trying to obstruct your ability to get documentation.”

Judge Merchan was seen criticizing Trump’s lawyers for making what he considered to be extremely serious accusations without providing any supporting evidence while also questioning why it had taken the defense so long to ask federal authorities for the records.

Subsequently, the prosecution said that only 300 pages of it were relevant to the Trump case, in which the former president is charged with paying ad**lt film star Stormy Daniels for an alleged previous s**ual relationship through the use of his then-attorney, Michael Cohen.

Ultimately, Judge Juan Merchan of the New York Supreme Court denied Donald Trump’s legal team’s requests to postpone the case further and announced that the hush money criminal trial would start on April 15.

In only three weeks, assuming there is no further postponement, the presumed Republican nominee will go on trial as a criminal defendant, marking an unlucky return to the city where he was raised, established a real estate empire, and amassed the fortune and notoriety that propelled him to the presidency.

Trump has been charged with multiple felony counts while continuing his run for the White House after securing the Republican Nominee.

While one of his case trials is scheduled to start in a few weeks, the others may not even go to trial this year.

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