Two Native Energy Partners Win Epa Green Power Awards

Two of NativeEnergy’s partners were recognized today with Green Power Leadership Awards, including Green Power Partner of the Year, the highest honor awarded by the national program. Clif Bar earned this award by demonstrating outstanding environmental leadership by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits to offset energy-related carbon emissions.

To develop relationships with partners such as Clif Bar and College of the Atlantic, NativeEnergy looks to its unique business model – marketing Green Tags futures.

The CEO of the company, Tom Boucher, says “We have many partners that would not be green tags customers if we weren’t successful with our novel approach.” Boucher adds that these awards demonstrate the value our approach brings to our partners and the renewable energy projects we work with.

Furthermore, NativeEnergy’s Green Tags have the added benefit of helping people who really need assistance develop sustainable economies without sacrificing core cultural values, in addition to the environmental benefits they provide. With NativeEnergy’s partners, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe built wind turbines that generate clean power and revenue while remaining true to Native American values.

The College of the Atlantic President, Steve Katona, says “with NativeEnergy, we really make a difference for the environment because our purchase actually drives new projects that need to recover their premium value in order to be constructed.” NativeEnergy works with smaller projects that need assistance to get to the finish line, and we were happy to assist with the construction of a wind farm that will replace electricity in an area heavily powered by coal.”

In the past two decades, College of the Atlantic has committed to purchasing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. As long as the college does not begin construction of a local wind farm, which is currently undergoing licensing hearings, it will continue to purchase green tags that correspond to its annual energy consumption of 942,000 kWh. As a result of Clif Bar’s purchase, more than 5.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are offset.

Throughout the lifetime of a renewable energy project, NativeEnergy contracts for all Green Tags that it will generate. The company sells shares of this long-term Green Tag output to environmentally conscious businesses and individuals who wish to reduce their energy-related carbon emissions.

In addition to reducing global warming, Green Tags help people and progressive organizations switch their energy suppliers without switching their suppliers.

In spite of not receiving wind-generated power directly, NativeEnergy’s partners reap the same benefits as they do for the environment. When wind farms feed electricity into the grid, fossil-fueled generators that also feed electricity into the grid lower their energy output to maintain a balanced energy supply. Lowering emissions from these “dirty” producers means less air pollution.

In addition to Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, Dave Matthews Band, R.E.M., Aveda, Stonyfield Farm, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, NRDC, Shaklee, Timberland Company, Co-op America, and Indigo Girls, NativeEnergy’s customers include leading socially and environmentally responsible organizations.

About NativeEnergy
With NativeEnergy, you can offset your global warming pollution or power your home or business with renewable energy credits, which they market nationally. A patent-pending NativeEnergy business model makes renewable projects get paid upfront for the green tag output they produce, allowing customers to finance wind farms and other renewable energy projects. We’re reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by installing methane digesters on Pennsylvania dairy farms, and this directly reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.

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