5 Types of Software You Should Use to Enhance Your Business

In the technologically driven world in which we live today, it is hard to find something that does not have an accompanying app or software to assist you. When it comes to running a business, this should be something that you harness to its maximum capability. So, here are five types of software that you should be using if you want to enhance your business. 

Fleet Management

If your business involves managing a fleet of vehicles for delivery purposes or other, then you are probably already painfully aware of how challenging it can be to successfully run this kind of operation. This is where a well-designed fleet management software would work wonders for your company. Not only will it reduce overall spending, optimize your workflow by allowing you to track your fleet in real-time and improve the safety of drivers, but it also lets you focus on growing your business without having to worry about keeping track of all vehicles manually. 

Project Management

Gone are the days of weekly meetings in boardrooms on a Monday morning. With the rise of productivity-driven apps and software, including those designed to manage projects, you can easily update your entire team on the progress of projects in real-time with the click of a button. Project management software also provides the capability of assigning workers to individual projects, assigning due dates, and sharing important documents between colleagues, all within the user interface. 

Company Communication

Another tool that is designed to limit the number of weekly meetings taking place within your business is company communication software. This will allow you to create team workspaces online in which all employees and colleagues can communicate instantly between each other. Some also allow you to schedule meetings, synchronize calendars, and even share files, all with the latest state-of-the-art encryption capabilities so you can feel secure in the knowledge that any sensitive data exchanged is well protected. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If your business is tailored to sell products and/or services to customers, it is essential that you consider customer relationship management software. A CRM system essentially records any customer contact information, including emails, social media profiles, and phone numbers, giving you a complete view of your relationship over time with each individual customer. This is beneficial for a host of reasons, such as assisting your sales team with making their sales, opening the possibility for upselling to each customer, and optimizing your marketing process for the business. 


Last, but certainly not least, have you thought about investing in accounting software to keep track of finances? If you are not already well versed in the world of accountancy, it can be an extremely difficult field to wrap your head around – the failure of which results in costly mistakes for not only your revenue, but also your reputation as an entity. It can also be costly to hire an accountant to take care of these issues, especially when you are just starting out as an SME. Accountancy software can be a lifesaver, with the capability of tracking all finances and giving you regular, easy to digest updates to help keep track of all incomings and outgoings.

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