UFOs In America: US Defense Ministry released three videos of UFOs

UFOs In America

UFOs In America: Many stories of sighting flying saucers or UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) have been heard, but their truth remains limited to stories.

Something similar happened in America about 15 years ago and then five years ago when the sights of the pilots who saw these objects flown at that time. However, by releasing the video, it has been tried to make it clear that on both occasions, nothing has been seen that can be investigated.

UFOs In America: US Defense Ministry released three videos of UFOs


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UFOs In America
UFOs In America

Naval Air Systems Command has released three videos taken on separate occasions. Two videos were taken in January 2015 and one in November 2004. They have also been very popular online for many years because they can be heard with the astonishing sounds of pilots.

Pentagon Spokesperson Suu Gog has clearly said about them that these videos have been released to make it clear to the people whether the videos are true or not and whether there is anything else behind them.

The Department of Defense has said that after investigation, it is clear that there is nothing for which any unknown air incident in military air space should be investigated.

60 miles in one minute

UFOs In America
UFOs In America

UFOs In America: The incident occurred in 2004 in the Pacific. A Navy cruiser pilot told the New York Times, “He was at a speed I never saw.”

According to the crew, an object about 40 feet long first hovered over the water and then quickly left.  After this, the pilots started going to the ship about 60 miles away; they were told by the ship that a ‘UFO‘ had been seen there too.

According to one pilot, this object covered 60 miles in one minute. In the 2015 video, a pilot described this ‘UFO’ as a bunch of high-speed objects. They even rotate.

To investigate such incidents, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program has been run between 2007 and 2012 but was then discontinued due to a lack of funds.

According to its head Louie Elizondo, such data should be analyzed. Did you know after five years that these were highly advanced Russian aircraft?

What’s in the video?

UFOs In America
UFOs In America

According to the New York Times, one of these videos was made by two Navy fighter pilots. In this video, a round object can be seen flying over the Pacific Ocean (about 160 kilometers away).

The remaining two videos were made in the year 2015. Some of these things are seen flying in the air. In one of these videos, something can be seen moving around the air. In this video, a pilot can be heard saying, “Look at this, man! It’s spinning round and round!”

The Pentagon said in a statement, “We have thoroughly investigated these three videos, and after that, we have come to the conclusion that any sensitive information will not come out by making it public and neither the airspace I will do any harm to our army. “

The statement said, “The Ministry of Defense is releasing these videos so that people can know their truth. The things seen in the video are still unclear, and hence they are being considered as ‘unidentified'”.

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