Ullu Sunny Winter Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Where to Watch Online?

Sunny winter is an Indian comedy-drama series that is available on Ullu. The series has very recently released, and since it belongs to the comedy genre, it is very likely to do well in terms of ratings and audience accolades. Especially in the quarantine period, it is seen that people are gravitating towards all genres of web series no matter the OTT platform. There is a tremendous rise in the consumption of entertainment in all forms and all platforms. Let us have a look at one such Web series, “Sunny Winter” today.

Sunny Winter Release Date

Sunny Winter is a comedy genre-based web series released on the 17th of August 2020 on Ullu.  Ullu is another streaming platform where many web series along with the same style and others, including thriller, crime, and more is available. It is a significant emerging platform that is garnering a decent number of views because of the content that is put up on the platform. If you haven’t already checked it out, do check Ullu and also have a look at Sunny Winter. Watch the trailer of Sunny Winter here:

Sunny Winter Plot

Sunny Winter plot revolves around an ambitious youngster who decides to take a different route in life. He starts to act in various adult series, looking at the opportunities in India, he decides to move. He realizes that the scope for adult series is a little less in India as compared in other countries, so he decides to move to America. He dreams of becoming an adult star, and he aims to be famous worldwide. But the question is, will his dream come true? To know more about this series, watch on Ullu. The team of Sunny winter has said that the stars in the series have given brilliant performances, so why not give it a try?

Sunny Winter Cast

-Ankit Bhatia

-Manoj Bakshi

-Prem Nath Gulati

-Myra Singh

-Mayur Kumar

During the casting process for the series, the team revealed that many major actors in the line web series auditioned for the roles. But only the best got selected since the series demands a lot of emotional scenes. The Cinematography and the screenplay of the screens wanted actors that could portray emotions the best, and these were the ones that made it to Sunny winter.


Sunny Winter is a comedy genre web series released on Ullu on the 17th of August 2020. The series involves an Indian boy beginning to live his dream of being a web series star and soon realizes the loss of opportunities and moves to America. The story is about whether his dreams come true or not. So to more about this catch the series on Ullu and for more exciting updates on entertainment, web series, and more stay tuned to world wire.

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