Ullu Woodpecker Web Series, Cast, Release Date, & Story Details 2020

Woodpecker is an Indian thriller web series available on Ullu. This is another series on the Ullu website with a thrilling plot, and there are other web series on this platform that re on the same lines. However, these series on Ullu have a diverse niche, and the audiences are now diverting over these platforms for a different genre of content. Today we will know more about one such web series known as “woodpecker” and dive more into its details.

Woodpecker Release Date

Woodpecker is an Indian language Thriller series that is available on Ullu. The web series was released on the 14th of August 2020 and is currently streaming on the Ullu platform for the audience to watch. The series has an exciting storyline and, by far, has some average reviews from the critics and the audience. With a very diverse content available on Ullu, the viewers are gravitating more towards this platform. They are now looking out for some different genres and niche to binge on during the quarantine period.

Woodpecker cast:

-Parag Tyagi

-Iira Soni

-Surabhi Tiwari

-Manvi Chugh

-Anupama Prakash

-Nehal Vadoliya

-Manish Tyagi

-Dipesh Samantaray

-Anil Dhawan

-Vijay Patkar

The team for woodpecker has revealed that many actors had auditioned for the lead role in the series, but only selected ones made it through. Since the series involves an intense and emotional performance, the team did have to go through a tough time in deciding on the cast, but the names as mentioned earlier stood out amongst the rest.

Woodpecker plot:

The storyline and plot of the web series revolve around a very thrilling plot. The story is set with a backdrop, which includes a greedy business looking it opens up his airlines. To achieve this, the lover gets the deal, but in the process, blackmails the minister to get the sale. Later the story takes a different turn when the airlines begin, and the man cheats on his wife with another woman in the airlines. Now the story takes a turn when the revenge is planned, will the retribution be successful, will the cheated woman be able to get her justice and teach a lesson to her cheating husband or will she fail in the process is what the story revolves around.


Woodpecker is on streaming on the Ullu platform and has been released on the 14th of August 2020. The series is based on revenge and has a thrilling storyline. For everyone interested in watching a thriller plot can give this series a try. And for more such exciting updates on web series, entertainment and news stay connected to world wire.

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