US Composting Council Announces the 2014 International Compost Awareness Week Poster Contest – Call for Entries for Poster Design

In order to promote International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW), the US Composting Council (USCC) is seeking posters. Anyone is eligible to participate in the contest between September 20 and November 30, 2013, and is encouraged to use their artistic creativity to promote the contest’s theme: “Compost!…. The solution to sustainable soil and water.”

During International Compost Awareness Week 2014, the winning poster will serve as a promotional piece for the campaign.

“Compost Awareness Week poster contests are wonderful programs that engage enthusiasts of all ages to create some of the most creative and spectacular art to promote composting. It began in 1999 and has grown every year. The US Composting Council is delighted to see the program grow and become better every year. It’s considered a cornerstone of our outreach activities,” said Lori Scozzafava, US Composting Council Executive Director.

It is an organic soil amendment made by recycling organic materials. It protects soils from erosion, increases soil health, and reduces water pollution when incorporated into soil. It also provides plants with essential nutrients when incorporated into soil.

To be eligible, posters must be submitted to the USCC by Saturday, November 30, 2013. Online judging will take place in December. The theme for 2013 is compost! ….The solution to sustainable soil and water.

As the official poster of the 2014 ICAW, the winning design will be reproduced and distributed nationwide, and its website will be featured.

There are three divisions for the contest: grades 3-6, 7-12, and college/adult. Each division winner will receive a $500 prize, and other division winners will receive $100 prizes.

The rules and forms for this year’s poster contest, as well as past winning posters, can be found at Poster Rules and Application. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

It is with great gratitude that the USCC thanks the following sponsors for their generous support of the 2013 ICAW: A1 Organics, BioBag, BioCycle, Los Angeles, San Jose, Composting News, Filtrexx International LLC, Ingeo, MSW Management, MWV, Recology, Reotemp Instruments, Rubicon Global, Soil and Mulch Producer News, St. Louis Composting, Waste Management, We Care Organics.

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