US masses take to streets to express solidarity for Ukraine

US protests supporting Ukraine

Bearing blue and yellow Ukrainian flags, singing patriotic songs and shouting chants against Russia’s president, thousands of protesters gathered at rallies across the country on Sunday in a show of support for Ukraine.

In Washington, Chicago, Boston and other cities, the crowds varied in size, but the number of gatherings, which followed several others on Saturday and came days after President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia ordered troops to invade Ukraine, spoke to the level of concern in communities throughout the nation.

Many attendees expressed their love for their Ukrainian homeland. Some argued for more U.S. involvement in the conflict. Some vented their anger and called for harsher penalties against Mr. Putin. Other protesters wanted to make sure that the public’s awareness of the war didn’t fade.

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Protesters are taking to the streets in support of Ukraine as many of the demonstrators who are Ukrainian immigrants are still desperate to hear from their loved ones. NBC News’ Ellison Barber reports on the protests breaking out across the U.S. 

Outside the White House on Sunday, a large crowd of people gathered to urge President Biden to escalate his punishment of Russia and to show more support for Ukraine.

Maryna Baydyuk, the president of United Help Ukraine, a group that helped set up the rally, said Sunday’s event was the largest protest the organizers had seen since they started holding daily rallies after the Russian invasion.

The scene in Lafayette Square, a nearby park, was one of solidarity and resistance as many attendees said they were fearful for their relatives and friends in Ukraine but felt a renewed sense of hope as more countries have ramped up support for the country. Holding up Ukrainian flags, some chanted “Putin is a war criminal!” and “NATO close the skies,” referring to a call to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Others wrapped themselves in the Ukrainian flag and carried signs that urged Mr. Biden that “you can still stop war.”

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Thousands of people have rallied in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on February 25 calling for end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered at demonstrations across the country on Sunday to show support for Ukraine, carrying blue and yellow Ukrainian flags, singing patriotic songs, and yelling anti-Russian shouts.

The crowds in Washington, Chicago, Boston, and other places varied in size, but the sheer number of them, which arrived days after Russian President Vladimir V. Putin ordered soldiers to invade Ukraine, attested to the depth of concern in communities across the country.

Many of the attendees acknowledged their affection for their nation of Ukraine. Some argued that the US should be more involved in the conflict.

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A big crowd gathered outside the White House on Sunday to encourage President Biden to intensify his sanctions on Russia and show greater support for Ukraine.

According to Maryna Baydyuk, president of United Help Ukraine, an organisation that assisted in organising the march, Sunday’s gathering was the largest protest the organisers had seen since they began staging daily protests after the Russian invasion.

The mood in Lafayette Square, a nearby park, was one of unity and resistance, with many guests expressing concern for their relatives and friends in Ukraine, but also expressing renewed hope as more countries have increased their support for Ukraine. Some screamed “Putin is a war criminal!” and “NATO close the skies,” referring to a proposal for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, while others waved Ukrainian flags. Others draped themselves in the Ukrainian flag and held banners urging Mr. Biden to “end the conflict now.”

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Organizers cried out for compassion and peace at the ceremony, which featured scores of people holding sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower, despite what they called Russia’s terrible and inhumane attack.

One organiser stated, “The vile hearts of those who launched this are poisoned with hatred.” “However, love will always triumph over hate.”What was supposed to be a joyful weekend event celebrating Ukrainian culture in Apopka, Fla., a city outside of Orlando, turned into something quite different on a warm, sunny day.

A bandura musician plucked at his instrument on an amphitheatre stage, which had all the markings of a cheerful gathering. An improvised tent was used to sell pierogies and holopchi. Yellow and blue-dressed families. However, instead of happiness, there were red-rimmed eyes.

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Demonstrators rallying in support of Ukraine waved large and small flags in the country’s colors of blue and yellow on the streets of Manhattan as they protested Russia’s invasion ( Fox 5 New York)

“All of my friends and relatives are in Ukraine,” Myroslava Semerey, 58, lamented, her eyes welling up with sorrow. She travelled all the way from Washington, D.C., to sell clothes and trinkets at the festival, but by the time she arrived, the three-day event had degenerated into a demonstration and a vigil.

On practically everyone’s face, there was a look of exhaustion. Pavel Kolomiyets, 37, said he took two Excedrin that morning to deal with the dull pain in his head. He was there with his wife and two young daughters.

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In Kyiv, his grandmother’s sister was taking refuge in the metro. She’s almost ninety years old. “It’s difficult to focus on anything else,” he admitted.

Despite this, his girls raced around and ate snacks while music played in the background. The area’s Ukrainian community is tiny but thriving, with roots stretching back decades. As a result, the situation felt familiar, if not quite typical. Mr. Kolomiyets remarked, “It’s nice to have our own people here, just to converse, get together for the sake of solidarity.”

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