Verizon All Circuits Are Busy: How To Fix

Verizon All Circuits Are Busy: How To Fix

Are you dealing with the Verizon All Circuits Are Busy error? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

This article covers detailed information about Verizon All Circuits Are Busy, why this error occurs, how to fix it, and more.

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What Does Verizon All Circuits Busy Mean?

What Does Verizon All Circuits Busy Mean?

Verizon All Circuits Are Busy usually pops up for two reasons – either there is a problem with the Verizon Wireless network, or there is a problem with the phone number you are attempting to call.

Encountering this issue while dialing a particular number means there could be anything from a momentary technical problem to the person being in no network zone. It indicates that everything is fine on your end, and you need to call again later.

However, if the issue arises while calling any other Verizon user, the problem is probably with Verizon’s network. It could be due to many things, such as localized temporary outages, excessive call volumes, or an overworked Verizon network.

How to Fix Verizon All Circuits Are Busy?

How to fix Verizon All Circuits Are Busy?

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions to help you fix Verizon All Circuits Are Busy error –

Call other numbers

You must first determine whether the problem is specific to the number you are contacting or is a Verizon problem. Try calling a few different Verizon numbers to confirm this.

There may be a problem with Verizon’s network if the warning shows for all Verizon numbers. However, if the issue occurs only when calling a specific number, there may be a problem with that number. You might have to wait until the issue is resolved on the other end.

Verify Verizon’s Network Status

Check Verizon’s network status if the warning shows all Verizon numbers.

Verify if Verizon is experiencing any outages in your location because Verizon service disruptions may be the root of this problem. If so, you have to wait until Verizon fixes the problem.

Verify if you’re calling during peak times

Determine if you are calling during peak hours because a line might be unavailable since Verizon’s network is overwhelmed with calls.

If that is the case, try calling Verizon again later when the network is less congested.

Analyse Potential Power Outages

Verizon’s network may be down due to bad weather or a damaged power line. If so, Verizon can only resolve the issue once the electricity is restored.

Examine your coverage

Poor coverage in your location could be another contributing factor. If the signal is weak, Verizon cannot connect your call. You can try moving to a different location or using a Verizon signal booster to get better coverage.

Restart your Verizon device

If your location doesn’t experience any power outages and Verizon’s network appears to function normally, your Verizon device can be the problem. Restart your device to fix any faults that prevent your Verizon smartphone from connecting a call.

Turning on and off the flight mode

Using flight mode is another method for restarting your connection. All of your Verizon connections are disconnected when you switch on this mode. After that, you can turn off flight mode and try to make the call once more.

Check and re-insert your SIM card

If the problem still exists, try removing and looking at your Verizon SIM card. Your Verizon SIM card might have been inserted incorrectly or damaged. The reason you’re having issues with Verizon could be the presence of damage on your SIM card.

Try re-inserting your Verizon SIM card to see if the issue resolves.

Use alternative device

If none of the above-mentioned techniques works, try using a different device. In some situations, the Verizon device can be a problem.

Why am I seeing the Verizon All Circuits Are Busy in 2023?

When the outgoing connection to the network and the towers are closed, the error “Verizon all circuits are busy” will appear. Contacting the service provider will solve your issue in a few minutes.


How can I navigate a crowded Verizon line?

Calling again later is your best option if you need help getting through on a busy line. Inform the person you are calling that you are also trying to reach them.

What does *77 on the phone mean?

The anonymous call rejection code is *77. It conceals the individual’s name and phone number from a person on their blocked list.

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